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If something we say, post, offer inspires you, please consider a generous donation to
the Center of Universal Light, Inc., an Arizona Non-Profit / 501(c)(3) organization
as we continue our programs to benefit our community.

or mail check to:
Center of Universal Light, Inc. (CUL)
P O Box 3371
Cottonwood, AZ  86326

Thank you!


8:30 am Meditation

9:00 am Meet ‘n’ Greet

9:30 am The Gathering

CUL Sundays

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Upcoming Gatherings

August 1 – Kimberly Kelley, CUL Spiritual Director

August 8 – Karon Lynn Lobrovich

August 15 – Timber Hawkeye – “A Sunday with Timber”

August 22 – Kimberly Kelley, Speaker and Barry Kerr with “Astrology Within”

Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Who Are We?
We are an Inter-Spiritual Oneness Center where we embrace all paths to the Divine Light. Rather than relying on one book or one set of writings, we use a rich blend of ancient and contemporary wisdom, practices, and traditions to enhance the paths that unite us and blur the lines that divide us.

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About Us

Kimberly and Katie Isabella


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