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7 Keys to Making the Shift to the New Earth

7 Keys to Making the Shift to the New Earth

7 Keys to Making the Shift to the New Earth

For nearly two years everything I’ve been speaking about has all been leading to one collective message: 

The Shift of Awakening.

This will always be at the heart of all the messages that I bring to you at the Center of Universal Light.  

In preparation for this Sunday’s message and after a powerful wave of emotional confirmation, I discovered that this is why I’m here.  This is why Spirit, brought me to Cottonwood.

Today, with the help of Jeff@divine-cosmos.net, and Tarri Otterly, channel for St Germaine, www.shfitofawakening.com, I will bring together all the concepts that I have been covering, since April 2017, and I hope to present them in a concise and powerful way, to reveal why upheaval is happening, and how you can become part of the birth of the New Earth.

Now, we are all aware of some very unusual happenings around the world. 

Strange things are happening in current world events along with climate and earth changes.  Take for instance:

  • The seismic quake waves that buzzed across Africa, setting off sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They traversed vast oceans, humming across Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.
  • The Planet’s Poles are moving towards a Flip.  Over the past 20 million years, the magnetic poles have flip-flopped every several hundred thousand years or so, which means that if you had a compass in hand about 800,000 years ago, it would tell you that north was in Antarctica.  The process is gradual and occurs over millennia. But now, Earth’s north magnetic pole is creeping northward by about 40 miles a year. And given that the last major pole reversal happened 780,000 years ago, we are overdue for a flip.
  • “That cold air that was stuck over the Arctic gets moved south, into the actual continental United States,”.  Paradoxically, extreme cold spells could become more frequent as the Arctic warms along with the rest of the planet.  We’re experiencing both extreme fires and extreme cold.
  • Global carbon emissions reached a record high in 2018, rising by an estimated 3.4 percent in the U.S. alone. This trend is making scientists, government officials, and industry leaders more anxious than ever about the future of our planet. As United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said at the opening of the 24th annual U.N. climate conference on December 3, “We are in deep trouble with climate change.”
  • Then, of course, there is the geopolitical arena where unprecedented events are being uncovered like foreign country interference in our national elections.
  • Mass human migrations
  • Return of the Nuclear arms race?  Really?

Whew!!  One man recently wrote me that his high for the week was sleeping and his low was being awake.  Welcome to life in the third dimension!

And yet, we are fortunate to live in a time when the greatest shift in human consciousness has hit critical mass and passed the point of no return.  It’s been building since 2004, slowly but surely, and now it’s about to kick into high gear.  The next decade or so will be a period that creates enormous change and undoubtedly turbulence, but we have the capability of rising above the fracas. 

Think of this as the process of humanity going into labor as it begins to give birth to new earth reality.  Today, I offer what I have learned and believe are the six keys, and now 7 keys as I discovered another one, to smoothly and successfully making the transition to the New Earth and become part of a wonderful new era of humanity called the Shift of Awakening.

Before I get into the practical advice of the 7 Keys, let’s explore how there is an awareness that a shift to higher consciousness is underway.

<The Shift and the Ascent of Humanity>

The Earth and our entire solar system are being bathed in powerful cosmic energy, causing the base frequency of the planet and everything on it to ascend. 

How do we know this?  Because, there’s something called the Schumann resonance that I invite to look into yourself, by visiting the CUL website for links to informational videos.  But simply put it is a frequency that resonates between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere.  In other words, it’s a wave of electromagnetic frequency.  This is going on all the time and we live within this resonance cavity.  Scientists have found that our brain wave activity is in tune with the resonance of this wave.  Our brains are literally entrained by it. 

This resonance of 7.83 Hz corresponds to our low alfa brain wave to the upper theta brain wave states.  The brain wave states of meditation.  So, our brain waves are entrained to the earth’s electromagnetic frequency.

This stable synchronization has a direct effect on our thinking, emotions, memory, and intelligence.  IOW, our brain is like an FM radio receiver. 

The Schumann resonance seems to be rising especially since the start of 2017 as tracked by scientists.  If the Schumann resonance is increasing, what will happen to our brain waves?

Right now, you and I are experiencing the Beta brain wave state in order talk and work and get things done and that is a more rapid brain wave of 7-14 Hz.

People who experience emotions of pure love and oneness are experiencing the gamma brain wave state.  Gamma are the highest frequency at 40 Hz and when they sweep over a person, the entire brain feels like all parts are working in unison.  More love and compassion=more gamma waves.  Is our earth trying to drag our consciousness up to the gamma range?    

So, what are Gamma brain waves like?  They are the fastest brainwave frequency with the smallest amplitude. They are associated with the “feeling of blessings” reported by experienced meditators such as monks and nuns, and with peak concentration and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning. 

At first, the gamma brain wave state can cause us to feel anxiety but with regular production, these brainwaves can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, while improving happiness. People who meditate often… not only achieve a higher level of compassion due to the increased production of Gamma brainwaves it also creates the environment for a happy life.

Since 2014 the Schumann resonance has been spiking.  At first, it went from 7.86 Hz to 14 Hz, then in Jan. 2017 it spiked to 36 Hz and on Easter Sunday in April of 2017, which was the first time I spoke at the brand-new Center of Universal Light, it went up to an amazing 90 Hz.  I can’t be sure that I caused it.  But I will take credit for that if asked.  Remember, gamma is usually only around 40 Hz.    

It is not good to stay at these ranges, but what it is essentially doing is opening our minds up to higher information and processing, but at the present time this can also raise our anxiety level. 

This explanation is a literal translation of what “higher vibration” actually means.  This shows an actual manifestation of what that really means. 


It appears that the Earth itself is transitioning from what some spiritual leaders are calling the 3rd dimension or 3D to the 4th dimension or 4D, but this is actually what the scientific community is calling the Solar Shift.  I’m calling it the Shift of Awakening or the Shift to the New Earth and all the titles are correct, they all mean the same thing.  Here’s why.

The earth is experiencing a weakening cosmic magnetic field.  What we’re seeing in correlation with the whole 2012 shift or Golden Age is that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening heavily and the output of our Sun is also weakening.  Plus, all the magnetic fields of our celestial bodies or planets are weakening.  What this then allows are cosmic energies and frequencies like the Schumann to affect us more and more.

What is this is all about?  It’s about the Ascension Process or the Solar Shift that we are undergoing.  This is the Hopi “Blue Star’ prophecy.  What is happening here is that our Sun is going to make a quantum leap of evolution of its own and as Jordan Sather has postulated here…is that this spiking of the Schumann is saturating us with all this energy to get us ready for that Solar Shift. 

There is very good scientific proof that a Quantum Solar Shift is imminent.  With the weakening magnetics between the Sun and the Earth, and the Schumann resonance saturating us more so, it could be that the Schumann is prepping our consciousness, getting us ready to receive higher levels of downloads to prepare us for this Solar Shift.

As I said earlier, the magnetic North and South poles are shifting again. It is being reported that currently, our Sun is experiencing massive coronal holes and that approx. 1/3 of the Sun is Black, but I have not yet been able to independently verify that and I’m not going to go out and look at the Sun myself. 

But, when the Solar Shift occurs maybe the Schumann will bump up the entire planet to a new harmonic and maybe our brains will start resonating at a higher frequency so that we can become more accustomed to that without the anxiety effect. 

There’s a lot of things that can be speculated about, but I want you to be aware of this to help us understand what the heck is going on here plus there are some very important things coming our way. 

So today we are thinking about the Solar shift and how to best prepare ourselves for it.  The simple answer is to keep yourself mentally grounded and physically healthy.  That’s one way to navigate these changes but I also have some deeper things to tell you about that will not only help you navigate the changes but avoid the turmoil, chaos, anger and upset that could ensue.    

There’s more to come including how our DNA will change and activate in order to help us endure that Solar Shift.


This energy is triggering awakenings and shifts in consciousness of people all over the world.  As our consciousness shifts into higher perspectives, we are taking our first baby steps towards transcending this realm of duality and separation.

Even though the collective consciousness of humanity is ascending, many people remain locked in the 3D consciousness.  Some are too invested in it to let go.  This level of consciousness focuses on differences, separation, and limitation, and expresses as fear, self-serving and controlling behaviors, like us-against-them or dog-eat-dog mentalities.  The ultimate result of which is the creation of a world characterized by competition, conflict, and suffering.

Those that can break free from 3D consciousness will have the pleasure of experiencing the birth and growth of a wonderful new era of humanity — one characterized by cooperation, harmony, peace, and prosperity for all.  The key to participating in the new earth reality is to attain and maintain heightened levels of consciousness. I’ll be giving you some excellent tools in the keys to making the shift in just a couple of minutes.

<What to Expect During the Transition Period>

You can expect the next decade or two to be a period of unprecedented revelations and change.  Many startling and even disturbing revelations and disclosures will unfold, I’m sure.  I am told that these revelations may include the economic and geopolitical manipulations and fraud of the global banking syndicate; AWA, the UFO/ET presence and its secrecy that includes related and hidden technologies; plus the suppression of free energy and other important technologies and more.  Some will be shocked and angered by what they learn.

There will be turbulence as the foundation of people’s beliefs are shaken to the core, and the winds of change start to rock our existing institutions and systems. 

How extensive this turbulence will be is impossible to predict, but one thing is for sure — your state of consciousness determines whether, and to what extent, you will get entangled in it.

<Two Worlds, One Playing Field>

Many religions preach the theory of the Rapture and Ascension where, for instance, all Christian believers who are alive will rise along with the resurrected dead believers into Heaven and join Jesus or that Jesus will return to guide them.

However, contrary to what some people believe about the trans-dimensional shift of earth, no one is going anywhere.  Those who remain in 3D consciousness do not disappear and neither do those who evolve to a 4D earth reality.  We all remain visible to each other, and we will all appear to be on the same playing field.

Despite appearances, it will be more like two separate worlds coexisting in the same space.  Third density consciousness will play out, and this will be WITNESSED, by those of us that have moved beyond 3D consciousness, as the fall of the old world and its mentalities die off. 

Those that remain stuck in 3D consciousness won’t only witness this fall they will DIRECTLY EXPERIENCE it and some of its associated unpleasantness.  At the same time, those that have transcended beyond to 4D consciousness will be experiencing the birthing of a wonderful new world and the worst of any unpleasantness is likely to pass them by.

Many of us are well on our way to transcending 3D consciousness and have released many outmoded and limiting beliefs, buried negative emotions, and fears — but all of us still have work to do. 

But in the challenging times ahead, we may encounter some potential stumbling blocks that could keep us stuck in 3D and cause us suffering. 

<The (7) Keys to Successfully Making the Shift>

Here are 7 things that we must do to help us avoid these stumbling blocks and ascend into the 4th dimension so you can become part of the birth of the New Earth.

#1 – Release Your Emotional Baggage

Every soul who chose to have a human experience here knew that there would be a separation from their divine source and that the Earth game would entail experiences that could lead to some painful emotional experiences. 

To cope with it, many of us have deeply buried lots of emotional pain — pain that we have accumulated not only in this life but many others as well.

An integral part of the awakening process and shift of consciousness for humanity is the surfacing of our deeply buried emotions.  This surfacing of emotions, although painful and disturbing at times, gives us the opportunity to address and release the emotions, as well as forgive all those involved, but mostly forgive ourselves.

These buried emotions are low vibration (negative) energies trapped in the energy field of our bodies.  They are commonly referred to as Shadows today, which are defined as parts of ourselves that we hide, suppress and ignore because they are associated with feelings of shame, guilt, and anger. 

As the base frequency of earth — and everything on it — increases, these buried emotions keep you tightly anchored to the 3rd dimension earth reality, and this could adversely affect your physical and emotional health.  It has been said that if your shadows are not addressed and reintegrated back into our lives with love, acceptance, and forgiveness, they will ultimately lead to a game over for you.

Another problem related to unreleased emotional baggage is that it will trigger the manifestation of increased adversity into your life. 

Because the frequency rate of everything around us is increasing, we are manifesting quicker, both good and not so good as well.  Now, more than ever, any pent up negative emotional energy will draw adversity into your life even quicker.

We can see this adversity happening every day.  As our emotional baggage is surfacing it is giving the appearance that the world is worsening rather than improving.  That’s why we must shed this baggage because once it’s all cleared out, the state of our lives and the world will start improving and become far more harmonious.

Ultimately, we won’t complete the shift to a higher dimensional consciousness without releasing all our emotional baggage.  You simply cannot stay with the new earth if you do not release all your emotional baggage.  It is lower frequency energy that will keep you anchored in the 3D.

Although most people probably think that emotional baggage is just memories of bad experiences, it is much more than that and has a slew of detrimental effects that most are unaware of.  Our emotional baggage is very real, and unbeknownst to most of us, it is causing profound negative effects on the quality of our health, relationships, happiness, success, and much more — including whether we’ll be able to continue participating in the ongoing Ascension process!

Here are some of the methods used to release and heal emotional baggage:

  • Sound Therapy
  • Third Party Removal:  like Theta Healing; NLP therapy
  • Regression Therapy
  • The Emotion Code Method
  •  The Sedona Method, 
  • Access Bars, and 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping) 

Check out a great article by spiritual author, Deepak Chopra, on how to release your past and return to love. https://www.gaiam.com/blogs/discover/deepak-chopras-7-step-exercise-to-release-emotional-turbulence

#2 – Maintain Sacred Neutrality

Find a way to not be drawn into negativity that is rampant on our planet.  There are plenty of people whose awareness has not expanded yet that are still living in fear and negativity. 

Do not to get drawn into the confusion, mayhem, and nonsense that may ensue as the old begins to crumble. Stay detached as you watch the drama play out while you continue to be a living example of a new level of awareness. 

What do you say when someone tries to draw you into a conversation that you know isn’t going to end well?  You could say something like, “Ah huh, thank you, well gotta go now.”  Or “I see, didn’t know that, ok gotta go now.”  Or, “well that’s just not my perspective, but I hear what you’re saying, OK, gotta go.”  Don’t let them hold your attention.  Break in and just say you gotta go.

But what do you do if you get triggered by them?  Do not react (even though that is what you feel like doing).  Instead, take a deep breath and say, “Ok, give me a minute.”  Walk away and don’t come back until you are sure of why you got triggered (usually because of a shadow you’re unaware of which is indicating that you have an unmet need).  Then return and go down the Compassionate Communication steps, that we learned from Scott & Lisa’s workshop last year, which are:

  • State the facts
  • How that makes you feel
  • What needs you have that aren’t being met
  • And make a request of the other person (and then say “Ok, gotta go”)

Do not be drawn into the fray and drama of those that do not want to let go of the old ways and the old world.  Don’t be drawn into the drama of those well-meaning people who are outraged by disturbing revelations, or the actions of others who allow themselves to become embroiled in the drama.  Remember, that is THEIR choice.

Stay Neutral.  Stay centered in higher consciousness and keep the drama at bay.  Stay out of the fray and focus your energy on maintaining your heightened perspective.

Focus your energy on being an example of a new consciousness.  Make a stretch to act loving even if you don’t feel loving. 

Do whatever you can, however small, to contribute to creating the new paradigm wherever you are — in your jobs, your communities, in your families.

No matter what happens, strive to stay neutral and calm — be the “eye in the center of the hurricane” as the world storms around you.  Make every effort not to engage in the drama.  Otherwise, you give energy to it and makes it worse.  Remain centered in your higher perspective, principles, and ideas and you will be able to see the calm begin to take place around you.

We want to avoid the temptation to judge or condemn those embroiled in the drama, on either side, as good or bad, regardless of whether their actions seem justified or not.  Judgment and condemnation never serve to heal these situations.

Be a living example of sacred neutrality, calmness, positivity, non-judgment, and love in the face of the storm. 

If anyone asks, “how are you maintaining such calmness, such stability, such a positive outlook?”, humbly and quietly share from your heart your perspective on the bigger picture.  This is how we can be of great service to the world in the times ahead.

Remember that this is a journey and adventure that your soul chose.  Even if you don’t remember WHY right now, there certainly was a reason why YOU chose it; why WE ALL chose it. 

The challenges we are facing can be seen as unexpected chaos and lead to feelings of despair, or they can be viewed as the anticipated and needed catalysts for our individual and collective spiritual growth, which leads to feelings of joy as we attain new levels of understanding and awareness.

#3 – Send Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to Everyone Involved

As we begin to witness the fall of the old world and the mayhem that may ensue as 3D consciousness plays out, it is imperative that we send EVERYONE involved unconditional love and forgiveness.  Send it to innocent bystanders, send it to those you may view as unenlightened that allowed themselves to get caught up in it, and even send it to those that you may view as self-serving or dark, that may have been the instigators.

As you observe the world in conflict and violence, remind yourself of your core principles and values.  Rather than reacting with judgment and condemnation, consciously choose to respond with love and forgiveness. Forgive everyone involved and send as much healing love as you can to them.  Do it in any way you know how, in any way that resonates with you, but do it. 

Unconditional forgiveness and love is the secret sauce in the recipe of the 4th-dimensional consciousness that holds the power to heal the entire world!  Jesus knew it, Martin Luther King Jr. knew it, the Beatles knew it and Buddha said:  “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love.  This is the eternal rule.”

#4 – Accept that the Old Will Fall and Focus on Creating the New

We are birthing a new world, a new paradigm.  As a part of this process, much of the old will fall.  But, what will sprout up in its place are the very things we are creating together here at CUL.  This is the grassroots, growing up right between your feet.  Don’t be too concerned with the fall of the old.  The old ways must wither and die to make room for the new ways.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.”  Socrates.

Like the plants that grow in your garden; when fall comes, they wither and die, right?  Then rot in the ground — but they enrich the soil.  They must pass away to make room for the new growth of spring.  In the spring, the seedling sprouts anew.  You are the seedlings — the seeds of the new world are being sown by you and me.

Focus on the wonderful garden we are going to create together; the new paradigm we are birthing.  If the seeds that fell spent all their energy on trying to stop their parents from withering and dying, they might very well exhaust themselves and be unable to sprout the next spring.

#5 – Maintain the Highest Vision of a Smooth and Effective Shift

Even though the transitional period is likely to include some turbulence, its extent is by no means set in stone.  Do not fall into the trap of imagining the worst outcome. You are a creator and we are co-creating our reality with our thoughts, so make sure you steadfastly envision only the best outcomes for everyone involved, and trust that by living squarely in the new consciousness, the worst of any turbulence will pass you by.

One of my favorite spiritual books, Oneness, offers a very metaphysical perspective on our fears of upheaval and calamity during humanities transitional times.  

In it, the author Rasha states, “That which is hidden will come out, and there will be a battle between the dark and the Light; the dark is ignorance and it will create its own defeat.”

Those who lash out are uncomfortable operating in the Light and there are many acting out now. They are intolerant, and anyone incompatible with their beliefs is considered “the enemy”.  That is because they are still operating in the old energies; the old paradigm.

I ask you not to look at change and consider it chaos.  I implore you to look at what is and see it differently and see it in an inspiring way. Connect the dots and celebrate something you didn’t expect.” 

#6 – Demonstrate the Higher Way Through Simple Acts of Kindness

KINDNESS is the one thing above all else that will take us to the next level.  Kindness is your helpful, supportive, and uplifting words and actions.  Kindness is an expression of, the divine qualities of acceptance, allowance, non-judgment, forgiveness, and compassion and is perhaps the most important key to making the shift to the new earth.  I will be exploring more on these qualities in future messages and posts, follow the blog to stay tuned.

The world does not need more cleverness or sarcasm; it needs more kindness.  Simple acts of kindness are the force that will birth our new world and keep you in vibrational harmony with it.  Shower everyone and everything with kindness and watch the magic happen!

#7 Meditate, Meditate, Meditate

Meditation could be the single most important and powerful practice that there is to change the world.  Meditate alone, in groups, and worldwide gatherings.  Come early on Sundays and meditate with us at 9:30 before the gathering.

Birthing the New Earth

Tremendous changes are rapidly approaching that will herald the arrival of a new era.  As the beliefs, institutions, and systems of the old paradigm begin to shake, crumble, or morph radically around us, stay unwaveringly-centered in your new consciousness, and you will successfully join the new earth and participate in the new era of humanity.

The bottom line is not whether or not you believe that a Solar Shift is eminent, or that a nuclear war is eminent, the truth for me and I hope for you too, must be:  whatsoever we embody and express creates the world in which we live.

Let each of us be the living example on which this new era is grounded.  Let acceptance, allowance, non-judgment, forgiveness, compassion, love and kindness guide our way to the manifestation of a wonderful new era where cooperation, harmony, peace, and prosperity for all will flourish!  I’ll see YOU in the 4th Dimension and beyond!

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