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About Us

We are an Inter-Spiritual Oneness Center where we embrace all paths to the Divine Light.  You will feel welcome the moment you walk through our doors, or in the case of Zoom, the moment you log in!

Unlike traditional churches or religions, we do not rely on one book or one set of sacred writing.  Rather, we use a rich blend of ancient and contemporary wisdom, practices, and traditions to enrich our experience of life. 

We strive to create a safe space where people just like you and I can walk our own paths, and experience Inter-Spiritual Oneness.

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We look forward to welcoming you!
Kimberly Kelley, Spiritual Director

Our unique community is made up of many ages, religions, races, and cultures.  Through our love of practical spirituality, music, and fellowship, we strive to create an open-minded, heart-centered community of love.

Because we are independent and inter-spiritual, the Center of Universal Light is 100% financially supported by our community.  This means we have the freedom to follow sound spiritual concepts and principles from wherever they originate.

We enjoy exploring many cultures, religions, and beliefs, and we affirm that YOU are the Center of the Universal Light.

CUL Council

Linda Libelula, President / Treasurer

Jane Hawthorne, Vice President

Jan Cacia, Secretary

Larry Zavalia, Council Member

Daniel Ramos, Council Member

Stephan Barber, Council Member

Diane Sordoni, Council Member

Kimberly Kelley, Spiritual Director