Spiritual Healing Center About Us | Center of Universal Light
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About Us

We are an open-minded, heart-centered, doctrine-free Spiritual Center.  We celebrate life and Mother Earth in an authentic, honest and open spiritual Gathering. 

Our rich blend of ancient and contemporary wisdom, provides practical spirituality through music, message, and mantra.  We create a safe space where we can walk our own spiritual paths discovering the Truth that runs through all paths.

Meet us for Sunday Gatherings at
Old Town Center for the Arts
5th Street and Main at the entrance to Old Town Cottonwood.
The Center is co-founded by Rev. Kimberly Kelley and Rev. Arvel Bird.

We are a unique Gathering made up of many ages, religions, and cultures.  Through our love of practical spirituality, music by multi-award winning violinist and Native American flute player, Arvel Bird, along with many other contemporary artists, we strive to create an open-minded, heart-centered community of love.

Because we are independent and inter-spiritual, the Center of Universal Light is 100% financially supported by our community, which means we can follow our own collective path based on sound spiritual principals, exploring many cultures, religions, and beliefs.  We are simply, the “Center of Universal Light, Inc.”, co-founded by Arvel Bird and Kimberly Kelley, where YOU are the Center of the Universal Light.

Our Vision

At the Center of Universal Light I AM

I AM the Divine Consciousness that dwells within

I AM the eternal oneness with All That Is

I AM the unconditional Love of the Universal Light