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About Us

In Kimberly’s Words

“My name is Kimberly Kelley.   I am the Spiritual Director of the Center of Universal Light, Inc.  The Center was started in April 2017.  Since that time we have created a colorful and expansive gathering of loving souls made up of many different spiritual paths all with the same objective, not simply follow one person’s direction idea of spirituality, but to celebrate the entirety of life.  

In 2015, my former husband and I had been full-time touring musicians for 13 years.  During that summer we stayed in Southern Utah to rest and restore for a few weeks where we realized how much we missed being part of a community. It was so fun to just share time together, play music at night, cook and eat together, and play together.

Even the mundane was refreshing and welcomed; walking the dogs on familiar paths, helping our neighbor pick up walnuts from his yard, cooking for him, going to the same grocery store, the same post office, the same chiropractor, walking by and talking to the horses in the neighborhood, waving at the same neighbors, hearing the local school kids playing and screaming with joy on the playground.    


Most of us have been taught to believe that “God” exists somewhere “out there”, outside of ourselves, and that we are separate from that extraordinary energy.   

The Center of Universal Light (CUL or simply “COOL”) is not a church, we are an Interspiritual Oneness Center with the sole purpose of sharing our experiences and giving others a safe, loving space to share theirs.  During this sharing, our intention is to guide others as they remember that what they are seeking is within.

At the CUL we have no doctrine.  Our Gatherings are a buffet, some call it the Baskin-Robbins of spiritual traditions, religions, cultures, and beliefs.  Why?  Because we affirm that there is truth in all beliefs and we wanted to create a safe place to explore them all.

It’s our personal mission to help you connect with the Light, to follow your own path, and to know that you are perfect just where you are.”