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About Us

Center of Universal Light Leadership

Kimberly Kelley, Spiritual Director

In 2017, my former husband, Arvel Bird, and I came home to Arizona and founded the Center of Universal Light (CUL or simply “COOL”) om Cottonwood, Arizona, as an Interspiritual Oneness Center whose sole (soul?)purpose is sharing our spiritual journeys and giving others a safe, loving place to discover, find deeper meaning in and to share theirs.

Our Gatherings are a buffet of beliefs, some call it the Baskin-Robbins of spiritual traditions, religions, cultures, and beliefs.  Why?  Because we affirm that there is truth in all beliefs and we have created a safe place to explore them all.

It’s my personal mission to help you connect with your Inner Light, to follow your own path, and to know that you are perfect just where you are.

In 2019, Arvel and I went our separate ways.  He chose a different path and I took over the leadership role as Spiritual Director.  We are guided by a “Council” rather than a Board of Directors, because we take action only when we have a full consensus, not simply a majority vote.

Since that time, we have been on a journey of mutual respect, love, appreciation, and positive expectation for the future of our community through small groups, special interest groups such as drum circles, flute circles, full moon fire ceremonies, sister’s circle, book discussion groups, and more.

My sincerest desire is that you will join us on your journey!