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Ask the Universe Empowering Questions

Ask the Universe Empowering Questions

by Kimberly Kelley, Spiritual Director of the Center of Universal Light

A man I know had the worst luck with women you can imagine. All of his friends wondered why he kept dating the same woman. They would date, he would tell us he’s in love and a few months later, she’d leave and take him to the cleaners. He’d be heartbroken and swear he’d never date again, but another couple of months later, he’d be right back at it. Once again it happened. He’d finally had enough and he cried, “God, why does this keep happening to me?”

God replied, “Because you were born a Leo and you should have been born a Libra.”

The man replied, “That was the dumbest answer I’ve ever heard.”

God told him, “You want a better answer, ask a better question.”

You know, “Why does this keep happening to me?” “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of person?” “Why do I keep getting myself in these situations?” Why, Why, Why???

I had my own share of personal tragedies that had me asking “why” up until I was 36 and by then the question was more systemic, as in “why do I keep going through this bullshit?”

The Universe answered my question “Why don’t you ask better questions.” Fair enough.

It took a few months, but I started reading books that I was inspired to read, speaking to people I met serendipitously, even watching movies that would have me taking notes and I realized that “God” had finally answered . . . because I learned to ask the right questions.

I began asking “what” questions, still somewhat shaking my fist. Frustration remained. The questions had a definite edge to them . . . “What’s my purpose?” “What can I learn from this?” “What is the good in this?” As I kept asking the questions, they began to take on a softer tone and I began receiving the answers I needed.

One thing that was evident, was, there is no answer, at least no good empowering answer, to the question that begins with “why”.

It’s not always easy. It requires a mindset shift, an intentional decision to trust that the Universe is teaching us something and that it is for our ultimate good and the good of others around us, that we can impact others with what we’ve been learning.

So now you see that the trouble is when we get into those tough spots we ask disempowering questions. But the Universe is a good sport and will answer the questions in the spirit in which they were asked.

The universe will sort through all the data that ever was and return an answer to you like . . . “because you come from the wrong side of the tracks” “because your name has too many vowels,” “because your father wouldn’t let you go to Boy Scout Camp when you were 11,” or any number of answers that are in themselves ridiculous and . . . . . frankly, in total vibrational alignment with the questions you ask.

You see, the Universe has a pretty good sense of humor.

So, today I want to talk about asking empowering questions to get empowering answers. Not the “How can I win the lottery” type questions because I suspect the Universe will come back with, “Meet me half-way and buy a ticket.” But the life-changing questions. The kinds of questions that come as a result of a divorce, a devastating illness, loss of a home, and from those situations you keep finding yourself in over and over again.

Are you sincere in asking empowering questions, looking for an answer that will change the course of your life? When you receive your answer to high-quality questions, you will instantly know it, you will feel it in your heart or gut, it will make sense and you will have no doubt.

My ex used to have a list of “He who shall not be named”. I’m not spilling the beans here, he already referenced it in one of his talks. This was a list of those in the music business he felt had done him wrong . . . in business relationships, music deals, promises not kept, or something he simply took offense to. IOW he was blaming all of them and I suspect me as well, for his career not turning out the way he thought it should . . . and let me tell you . . . this was a LONG list generated over several years.

What I heard him ask was “Why can’t everyone just do what I want ‘em to do.”

So, I’d finally had enough, we were running out of friends and allies AND . . . . not to mention, note pads!

I told him, “You know, there’s only one common denominator . . . YOU”. He actually took it better than I expected.

When you shake your fist at the sky and shout “why???”, do you really expect an answer?

There are some higher quality questions that will help you get the high-quality answers you need in order to empower yourself to make the changes you’re looking for.

Before you ask a question, ask yourself:

When all is said and done, what do I truly want from this experience? Peace? Divine Purpose? Trust? Confidence? Love? Acceptance?

Then ask the question:
How can I grow from this?
What’s my lesson in this?
How can I expand my reality of this situation?
Who do I need to become to attract a divine life partner?
What is my soul’s purpose?

Probably the best time to ask these empowering questions is when you’re sitting at the bottom of the barrel. You’ve got no place to go, you’ve already spent your energy on anger, grief, frustration, you’ve asked all your friends for advice and then, only then can you even begin to formulate the question, “How can I find meaning in this situation?”


Now, what if? What if you just got yourself into alignment with a non-judgmental, non-shaming, non-blaming question?

And What if . . . what if you just allow that answer to expand your field of consciousness and awareness of God or the Universe in such a way that you can now see the bigger picture and you can see where YOU fit into it?

Now that you know the way to frame an empowering question in order to get an empowering answer, here are some steps for completing the ask:

Be Sincere and be concise
Until you can ask, with some degree of certainty, an empowering question and with some degree of sincerity for an empowering answer, how can you possibly know whether or not you receive it?

Use your emotions as a guide to asking the right questions. If you don’t get a sincere “aho” . . . retool your question.

Ask it and relax
Once you’ve framed your question in just the way you want, with all the sincerity you have in your heart, just relax and smile. And know that The Universe is on it.

Watch for signs
Keep your eyes peeled for little signs here and there that guide you to where you want to be.
Be aware of any thoughts or memories or inner promptings that come up when you least expect them –
While you watch for signs, release any judgment about them.

The Universe always has your back
This is crucial! Trust that the Universe will always do right by you. It has a much broader perspective of life and your soul’s purpose than you do and it will always bring you the right answer.
But keep in mind, when you ask those empowering questions, the signs you receive might lead you somewhere else entirely, but that could be where you wanted to end up in the first place (you just didn’t know it). I’m living proof of that!!!

Be willing to make the changes.
When the Universe gives you the answers, you’ve gotta be willing to make the changes.  If your life isn’t working, or you have one bug-a-boo area of your life where you keep failing over and over, the Universe is trying to get your attention. And it’s in that attention that it’s urging you to ask the question.  It will never give you the answer without your asking it because you won’t be in a state to hear it.

Stop living your life small, stop living your life by accident, stop seeing your life as a Shakespearean tragedy, your life is not a disaster or a waste.

Your life is a beautiful dance of thoughts, desires, outcomes, challenges, dreams, thrills. Before you joined us on planet earth, you saw all of it . . . the good, the bad and the ugly and you came anyway.

I can just see you and the Universe sitting around talking about all the possibilities around this physical life you were contemplating, knowing it would be an exciting journey, not an easy one, but an exciting one, and when the Universe says, “Well, are you ready?” you answered with the one “why” question that made any sense . .  . “Why not?”

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