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Awaken to the Calling

Awaken to the Calling

This blog was taken from Rev. Arvel’s notes and research for his talk on August 5, 2018.  He also performed his beautiful original song called “Condor and Eagle” on Animal Totems 3 CD.

Arvel Bird, Spiritual Leader at Center of Universal Light

Someone once said, “Right action, borne of compassionate spiritual wisdom, unites.”

The right attitude, the right action towards our guardian spirits, is the same as cultivating the right relationship to life as a whole.

Maybe it’s time for us to recognize and embrace the guardian spirits because wouldn’t it be nice if we could access their insights and wisdom?   Do you agree that life would be infinitely richer and not to mention, smoother, if we learned to access that wisdom?

I am very much a “Humanist” in many respects.  A Humanist is someone who derives the goals of life from human need and interest rather than from abstract theological or ideological beliefs.

Humanists believe it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for our own destiny.  In the truest sense, human beings are part of nature and our values,

. . . no matter whether they’re religious, ethical, social, or political . . .

. . . all of our VALUES have been developed from our human experience and culture.

However, I can no longer deny the existence of the unseen, spiritual world which manifests itself daily to me. 

So, it is my fervent hope and prayer that as spiritual beings having a physical experience on our individual paths of self-discovery and self-realization, we learn to approach both life and spiritual realities with an attitude of detached engagement involving: 

  • A resilient and flexible spirit
  • Humor and humility
  • Courage and courtesy
  • Clear vision and a sense of wonder
  • Forgiveness and gratitude for self and others



Abraham Hicks calls this living by default.  We wake up everyday and nothing really changes because we don’t set intentions for our short term and long term future, rather, we allow it just to “happen” to us.    This is also where life is living you rather than you living life.  HOWEVER, Once you’ve awakened you never really go back to sleep.  Because why???  Because, the more you know, the more you’re responsible for.


Initially the call to a path of spirit is somewhat like being awakened from a good dream.  For us Western seekers, the most common and effective experiences of awakening to a Spiritual calling include:

  • Personal trauma
  • Identity crisis
  • Self-doubt and inner confusion
  • Experience of environmental crisis
  • Severe illness or health problems
  • Near death experiences, UFO encounters and other non-ordinary phenomena
  • Life transforming dreams and/or spontaneous visions




When you are ready to answer a call of service to Spirit, the teacher shows up in your life.  Then you go through a period of training and self-discipline in which you learn to become an effective instrument of the Divine.  Many of you are already doing this. 

You heard the call and you answered it whether it’s through yoga, meditation, animal totems, ANY spiritual practice that you then share with others for whom YOU showed up because they were ready. 

So, our apprenticeships have two major learnings:


  • we enter into a sacred apprentice relationship with an appropriate teacher
  • Learn ceremony, ritual and healing techniques
  • Understand a mythology and cosmology supportive of your practice
  • Immerse yourself in study and allow change to unfold effortlessly in your life

As you practice this, you begin your APPRENTICESHIP TO THE “UNSEEN” (INNER) WORLD:

  • Be attentive to visionary dreams, altered states, and images born of plant spirit-induced trance states
  • Remain open to spiritual guidance and visitation from non-physical teachers
  • Develop the capacity for magical flight like a shamanic journey or astral travel and work to establish a sacred relationship with spirit helpers (both animal and angelic)

Breakthrough occurs when we successfully face our personal “caca de toro”, our baggage, our “stuff”, our shadows.  We awaken the death and rebirth cycle and make conscious transformation. 


The wounded healer returns as a servant of the Divine—returning to society and contributing to the greater good through service. 

J. Krishnamurti once said, “You want to be loved because you do not love; but the moment you love, it is finished, you are no longer inquiring whether or not somebody loves you.”

A great quote from one of the other Paqokunas last weekend was, “Do everything with great love.  There is no other lesson.”

I’ve said it before, but I want to emphasize that I KNOW . . .

. . . . Everyone here in this room today is a healer.  A healer in apprenticeship.  As we heal ourselves, we heal others; and

. . . sometimes as we heal others, we heal ourselves in the process.  Both the inner and outer apprenticeship are important to the balanced unfolding of the healer’s path. 

Through the outer apprenticeship, the necessary skills, ritual, culturally sanctioned ceremony and liturgy are transmitted to the seeker. 

The inner apprenticeship involves the building of a relationship to our spirit guides and the cultivation of visions and spirit journeys.  Without an intensive purification and cultivation of relationship to the inner world, the inhabitants of the unseen Realm will never reveal themselves. 

In the Gospel of St. Thomas, it reads, “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you don’t bring forth what is within you, what you don’t bring forth will destroy you.”

Whatever it is that you may be going through, right now in your life, know and accept the truth that it is supposed to be happening in order for you, as a seeker of self-realization, to learn an important lesson and discover the healer inside of you.  There are no mistakes, or accidents . . . everything that is happening is happening in divine order.

Here’s an example: 

Some of you may have heard me mention that I recently had been experiencing a deep sadness at a profound level beyond anything that could have come from something that I’ve personally experienced in my life time . . . including my childhood traumas, sibling suicides, physical fights with my father, a brief incarceration, my mother’s bipolar condition, etc.  These were all mild compared to the depth of this sadness and sorrow.

It’s been prevalent for the last 7 months and I could not understand it and came to believe that maybe I’m just naturally a sad person, because I had no reason to so sad.  I’m a healthy, intelligent, fully functioning adult male human being with a solid stable relationship, a gift of music, a beloved gathering of people who love and support my dreams and desires on a community and global level of work.  I am blessed.  I should be happy and joyful.  I’m doing what I want to do and love it.  I know my mission and am fulfilling my purpose in this lifetime.  WHY SHOULD I BE THE SAD ONE?  IT’S NOT RIGHT!

So I asked Judy Hoagland, the PMT Teacher sanctioned by don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who leads my apprenticeship training.  I told her what was happening and how confused and upset I was about it and what I’d done when I experienced this sadness.  She said, “don’t worry, this is an assignment that you’ve been given by spirit to see if you can learn how to handle it and be of service to the spirit realm.  What you’ve done is exactly what you needed to do.  You have healed the emotional trauma of a part of the collective consciousness from the areas where you experienced this sorrow.  Now you have to clear the land as well.”

What I did was to recognize, acknowledge and open myself to feel all the sadness and sorrow that was coming to me.  I wept and opened my heart to this sorrow and then I loved it.  It immediately shot out of my heart and into Source Energy where it was transmuted and sent back as unconditional love.  I was completely cleared of all this sadness.


So, I am becoming a vessel through which the emotional energy of a portion of the collective consciousness could be healed.


This is the very same thing that each of us have the opportunity to do to heal ourselves, our communities and Planet Earth.

Do you have an illness, a physical ailment or a health condition?  (everyone say with me…) “I love it, embrace it, accept it and love it some more.  Do everything with great love.  There is no other lesson.”

Did you recently have an accident or some problem with your car? (everyone say with me…) “I love it, embrace it, accept it and love it some more.  Do everything with great love.  There is no other lesson.”

Did you recently loose a relationship through breakup, loss, or emotional breakdown?  (everyone say with me…) “I love it, embrace it, accept it and love it some more.  Do everything with great love.  There is no other lesson.”

Did you recently get laid off, loose your job, can’t find a job, or are not getting paid enough for your level of experience and physical needs?  (everyone say with me…) “I love it, embrace it, accept it and love it some more.  Do everything with great love.  There is no other lesson.”

I love you and I thank you, I’m Arvel Bird.

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