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Beltane’s One Fire Message

Beltane’s One Fire Message

(This is the transcribed version of Kimberly Kelley’s Beltane Message given on May 1st, 2022 at the Center of Universal Light in Cottonwood, Arizona.)

How serendipitous that Beltane falls on a Sunday this year.  Bel-Tane literally means “the fires of Bel” short for Celtic God Belenus.  And Belenus means “Bright One” and in Celtic tradition Belenus is the Sun God.   

Beltane is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish writings.   

The Bel Fire was lit marking the beginning of summer when cattle were driven out to the summer pastures..   

The flames, smoke and ashes from the fires were believed to have protective powers, so the people and their cattle would walk around or between bonfires, to cleanse them of disease and ensure the future health of the herd and the families they fed

After the ritual, all of the fires in each household would be doused and then re-lit from the One Fire. 

And this reminded me so much of us and where we are now on our wheel of time.  

The Earth began to thaw in late February, we began planting seeds in March, AND those seeds germinated and began sprouting in April.  

Now here it is May already, and we’re already seeing things leafing, blooming, growing everywhere.  It’s magical. Especially during this time of Beltane. 

And just like us, the seeds your CUL Council have planted are also blooming from the One Fire.

In the beginning of 2020, CUL symbolically doused its household fires. Making way for what we jokingly refer to as CUL 2.0.  Just like in the Beltane ritual, we kindled the One Fire, and set our intentions as we relit our own inner fire, that fire that’s burning today.   

And that One Fire I’m talking about is the One Fire of ideas, the One Fire of support, of community.

People go to church, they come to the Gathering, they belong to clubs, drum groups, organizations, they work at corporations and all are part of a One Fire of intention, to take a small piece of that fire and spread it around.  That’s what missionaries do, that’s what friends and families do when they try to “convert” us to another religion or perhaps their political view, they’re simply spreading their own fire.  

Every place we go to recharge, to earn money, to feed our souls, minds and bodies represents our One Fire.

All of us have desires to improve our lives and improve the lives of others in the world, to heal the planet, save the animals, etc. and we do that by spreading those desires.  But sometimes those desires get a little twisted.  

We spread our own fire in what we think, say and do.

We can’t possibly talk bad about our neighbors, our government, big corporations, big pharma, war and then believe on any level of logic that we can help raise the vibration of the planet. The Universe doesn’t work that way. 

If we’re serious and even passionate about healing the planet, raising the vibration of the planet, we simply HAVE to change our way of thinking about it.  

I’ve said it before in varying ways, when we try healing the planet and all that that means, we have to first heal ourselves or at the very least do that concurrently and then you can feel the symbiosis of that work, of healing ourselves while we do our planetary work.

My mentor, Edwene Gaines, once said, The planet is perfect, AND you need a project.  Meaning projects like rescuing animals (what’s inside of you that needs rescuing), save the rain forest, the whales, the wolves (what is it inside of you that needs saving)? helping the needy (what are your needs that aren’t getting met?)  KNOW that when you do these things, you feel the healing inside of you.

I’m just gonna let you in on a little secret I learned a long time ago and I know most of you have, too, if you’ve studied any bit of metaphysics or universal principle.  It’s something I do my best to remind myself of when I get so irritated with Office Max (GIVE ME A MOMENT).  

(sending love, sending compassion, everyone’s doing the best they can . . . )

Deep Breath – OK I’m fine now. . . LOL

Occasionally, we create deliberately.   Most of the time, we simply buy into the collective consciousness by default, meaning we haven’t deliberately created something different.  But it’s not your fault, we weren’t taught to do that.  

So, today, if you’re ready, I’m inviting you to re-light your inner fire.  Hah, no this isn’t an altar call, well, maybe it is on a Universal level, but I invite you to re-light YOUR inner fire.  Your inner fire of love, peace, compassion, desire for relationships that work all the time, work that feeds your soul, purpose and more.

Let’s do that today.  This cauldron represents the One Fire, creating a sacred space inside our sacred space that Jane created with the calling of the directions.  It represents that sacred space between two bonfires in which the cattle and people walked to insure the future health of the herd and the families they fed.  In our case, to insure the future health of ourselves and our communities.

From the One Fire, I light the red candle to burn away anything you’re letting go of.  Close your eyes if it feels right for you and take 3 deep breaths expanding the lungs to a comfortable capacity, and become present to the out-breaths as a way of expelling that which was once helpful but is now spent and no longer needed. Take a moment to express gratitude to anything you are consciously choosing to let go—for its prior nourishment, support and/or lessons learned.

Focusing back on your breath, feel the rhythm of your breathing, gently inhaling and exhaling.   


And from the One Fire I light the Green Candle. 

As you inhale imagine bringing in kindness and breathing out compassion—allow this process several breath cycles. Now, inhale humor and breathe out joy. After several breaths here, breath in love and exhale healing. Now, add in your own personal intentions, allow your breath to fire them up, giving them the energy to germinate, sprout and bloom!


As I blow out the candles, one by one, and the cauldron fire burns down to embers, know that the process is complete within you.

You know, it was no accident when I named us the Center of Universal Light, while this was all still a spark, because we are also One Fire where you can come any time to rekindle your own inner flame and share it everywhere you go because, say it with me, you ARE the Center of Universal Light.

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