One of the tables set up for the CUL-KIDS

One of the tables set up for the CUL-KIDS

The CUL-Kids Program holds monthly Open Houses at 10:00am to introduce kids, K through Grade 5, to an expanded spirituality as a  way to self-love and positive self-expression. This is an independent, inclusive spiritual center for kids and adults alike.   CUL-Kids is held in Studio B annex of the Old Town Center for the Arts, 633 N. 5th Street, Cottonwood, AZ. 

In the CUL-Kids program, they learn to love and and respect themselves and others by experiencing simple spiritual practices such as centering themselves, breathing exercises, awareness of self and others, expressing gratitude and experience an appreciation for the vastness of our Universe. 

Our purpose is to build confidence, offer support through tough times and allow each child to connect with their own inner being as they begin or continue their spiritual journey through life. 

We encourage peer connections that cross all socio-economic boundaries, which allow children to build genuine friendships on lasting values. 

CUL’s spiritual education seeks to foster an environment of respectful, responsible, life-loving CUL-Kids who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same acceptance.

Contact Kimberly Kelley at (615) 406-3689 or for registration information and details.

Below are our top 10 REASONS to attend CUL-Kids' Sunday!


  1. Age Targeted Teaching: Your children will learn to discover their own path to spirituality and self-worth that’s focused on their developmental abilities. 

  2. Friends: In CUL-Kids, your child will build positive friendships with their peers, reinforcing diversity and respect. 

  3. It's Fun: CUL-Kids’ Sunday may not be Disneyland, but our teachers love to create lessons that are relevant and fun for kids. 

  4. Spiritual Mentors: A dedicated teacher can be an additional spiritual role model who supports you and helps inspire the your child on their own path. 

  5. Systematic Spiritual Learning: Our curriculum is designed to give a diverse foundation, so children will understand how all religions, cultures and beliefs are related and valued. 

  6. Inner Reflection: Our teachers will guide your children to  an inner reflection of their own goodness and light. 

  7. Big Reward For a Small Investment: Your children will have a positive reinforcement of the love and respect of themselves, others, animals and Mother Earth. 

  8. Send the Right Message: Making CUL-Kids Sunday a priority shows your kids that they are an important part of our TOTAL community. 

  9. Adult Sunday Celebration: While the children enjoy their class, you can share that time with other adults in the main sanctuary.

  10.  You'll Be On Time: Families who come together always get here on time! 

Have questions?  GREAT! We’d love to have the opportunity to answer them! Call or email Kimberly Kelley at 

(615) 406-3689 or

Center of Universal Light ~ 5th Street & Main, Cottonwood, AZ 

Adults 10:30am Sundays in Main Sanctuary -CUL-Kids at 10:00am in Studio B

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