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Journey Through the Lions Gate

Journey Through the Lions Gate

Rev. Arvel Bird

Welcome to all Light Workers! We’re in an exciting me, right now we’re moving through the Lions Gate Portal and the climax of it is coming on Aug. 8th.

Last me I spoke was introducing you to the concept of me-line shi ing. This is an important concept that will continue to be a part of my messages. I’ve talked about quantum mechanics and how this has changed our world view. I’ve talked about Christ Consciousness or Universal Consciousness and how that is what we are. I’ve expressed my evolving view of Universal Cosmology and how people returning from NDEs have influenced and accelerated our understanding of cosmic reality. I’ve talked about the Shift of Awakening that has begun and is accelerating as I speak. All these topics are leading up to what I’m sharing today.

In the book: From Medicine to Mysticism by, William Eidelman, MD. He says, “Now it is me to apply quantum theory to our vision of humankind, and to our understanding of the psyche. In fact, these ideas lay the modern foundations for the heart of quantum psychology, and the psychology of awakening.”

He goes on to say, “This awakening of consciousness appears to be the next evolutionary step for the human race. A new humanity is emerging. While the old humanity has lived in fear and anxiety, the new humanity can be full of love and full of joy. People can have true mental health, and live in harmony with the earth and with each other.

We can change from being a destructive species to being a creative species. We can change from being the largely necrotic, unconscious beings that Freud described to the awakened, blissful, superconscious beings described by Buddha.

Now thanks to Einstein and others the quantum revolution has prepared humanity for quantum psychology, a psychology of awakening. What was once absurd to the rational mind is no longer absurd, but it is simply reality.

Because of the spread of the reality of quantum concepts, there has also been a spread of the concepts of quantum psychology and this groundwork has led to this moment so that humanity itself can awaken en masse. Now for the first time in the evolution of the earth, masses of human beings can take this quantum leap in consciousness, which formerly only a few advanced people on the evolutionary scale could reach.

Awakening to universal love is the true foundation of mental health. The evolutionary imperative is on the side of awakened perceptions and belief systems which are aligned with seeing reality as one living system, and which promote loving each other and loving our living earth.”

**Important announcement**
We do not exist as separate entities from the whole existence. In a real way, not metaphorical, we are the whole existence. We just don’t realize it yet. We just haven’t evolved that far yet.

The fact that these quantum truths are becoming so widely accepted in the minds of people means that we are becoming prepared for the ul mate awakening, for the realization that we are the whole existence. We can feel this oneness . . .  at first a little, then the feeling can grow. This growth of the feeling of oneness is our individual and global evolution of consciousness.


This is how Grace Rain answers the ques on: What is the Lions Gate Portal?

In short, it is a stargate opening that ac vates a gateway between the physical & spiritual worlds. This year’s Lions Gate is going to be pivotal in healing separation consciousness.

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th was directly on top of the fixed star Vega and opposite the fixed star Sirius in planetary alignment opposite each other. With the new moon Solar Eclipse, there’s a portal or stargate opening that’s activating those stars. With that vortex opening, it allows supercharged light codes to flood our planet. So activations within us will be clearing shadows AWA opening up a window of opportunity to receive large amounts of light in huge downloads.

When it peaks on August 8th it will be in the sign of Leo so you see how it ts. In conjunction with this peak on August 8th, we are planning to have a sound healing session in Studio B at 6:30 with an instrument called a Uni-Chord…an instrument that allows the listener to journey or travel.

Grace goes on to say, “We are going thru accelerated growth right now. The eclipses are cutting things out of our lives. Cu ng out the negative DNA or ancestral pa erns and blocks. What many are going to be experiencing is major heart chakra activation. We’ve been purging the heavy energy so our natural state of being which is love & joy can come into full expression.

The heart activation is going to create a big expansion. Our heart has already been awakened but what we’re moving into now is what’s called our ascended heart or higher heart. This is part of our larger time-line shift as we move into our Creator Energy.

It is said that a lot of the energy that is coming in relates to 2017 and is a culmination of things that we started in 2017”. Guess what, we started CUL in 2017. That year was also about awakening into our heart and awakening into the Divine Masculine energy.

2019 is where we’re going to go much deeper into our ascendance transition. From being subject to karma (or negative patterns) and matrix control (or ego control) and moving more into our ability to create our 5th-dimensional reality.

When we expand out we start connections with other people and begin to shi into the Unity Consciousness. This shows up with a desire to connect with others more or disconnect with those that don’t make our heart feel good. When we open our Higher Heart we connect to our Oneness and in that Oneness, we take responsibility for what we are creating instead of blaming others. That’s a really key and important me-line shi for us.

As we move more into our creator or manifestation abilities we don’t’ want to blame others, it’s a waste of me and closes the door of the Universe to us. If we do that then we weaken ourselves and give our power away to other people. By taking responsibility we’re in control of what we are experiencing. You want to be in control of what you’re manifesting, don’t you? Rather than letting other people affect us.

The best way to handle triggers is to focus on Oneness and Unity rather than on Separa on and differences which will help you shift that energy a lot faster. If you want to collapse your negative patterns (or time-lines) it will be done through forgiveness and trust. That’s how you’re going to shift the timelines and doing it from a Higher Heart center will make it easier to do.

If your clairvoyant you may begin to have a lot more visions than usual. We’ll also be downloading big blocks of information and knowings. So our psychic abilities are going to be up-leveled. But with the accelerated grow you can expect breakthroughs and break- downs. Sleep cycles can get screwed up because of the volume of light coming in.

It is said that when we have an enormous amount of light coming in we don’t have to eat or sleep as much. And when we’re not ea ng and sleeping normally we’re altering our normal state of being and shifting into this expanded awareness which is perfect right now when all of this information is coming in.

If you do not have psychic abilities yet there will be a lot of people activated at this time to start having access to those abilities. Telepathy, empathy will increase which is great because those are signs of Unity Consciousness which we are stepping into now.

During this time there could be a lot of media reports trying to put you in a state of fear. Entities making an attempt to connect with you; multi-dimensional beings; inter-dimensional beings; that can move things around in your house. Just because they’re not in the visible light spectrum doesn’t mean that they don’t have a physical presence.

The point is that because you’re expanded out you could hear voices that are not your own and it could be di cult to determine if they’re yours or not because they could merge with your subconscious mind. It may seem like an inner voice, but if it doesn’t sound like you…if it’s not something that you would normally do or say then it’s probably not you. If it persists then you should consider yourself to have an attached entity and call on a lightworker to clear that entity and send it home.

This is highly important for example … I just returned from a festival out East where a good friend of mine and his wife were honoring the 1 year anniversary of the death of their oldest son. What he told me was that his son had been hearing voices to kill his family and so he killed himself instead.

Clearing entities, elementals, and etheric cords are just a natural part of being on this planet right now. It’s kind of like taking a shower…you just don’t do it once…you have to continue the maintenance of it until you’re out of the range of access.

Let’s look at what an etheric cord is. This is part of the practical spirituality that we bring forward at CUL. Etheric cords are part of our energy bodies. They go from favorable to non-serving. They can also reappear after a cord-cutting because it does not mean that following one cord cutting exercise you will be permanently removed from that cord.

Etheric cords connect us with the world and things around us through interaction and the energetic dynamics within us. This means that if we think about someone or something all the time or feel an emotion about someone or something, it is very likely a cord will attach. Not all etheric cords are negative. Depending on what is going on within you, you will either attach a cord to someone else or non-serving cords can be sent towards you.


Jill goes into a store and purchases some groceries. At the checkout, the cashier does not acknowledge Jill, which upsets her. Jill has solid ideas about customer care. She leaves the shop and becomes more and more enraged by how she has been treated. All the way home, Jill relives the situation. She even starts to embellish what happened with things she wished she had said and begins to plan revenge by wanting to report the cashier as payback for making her feel so bad.

In this example, if Jill had spoken her truth and either ignored, reported or expressed her disappointment .. . the negative cord would have been removed as she would have felt more empowered.

However, as she did not do this and instead allowed the intense emotions of rage, anger, revenge, and storytelling, she inadvertently not only kept the cord in place but also strengthened it further. The interesting thing in this example is that initially, it seems that it was the cashier who corded Jill with a negative cord, but in actuality, it was Jill who created and strengthened the non-serving cord. It is essential to remember that non-serving cords work in two directions both from and to you, so be mindful of who you are cording also.

There are things that can compromise your psychic defense like alcohol, stress, trauma, fear, shock…these can create energy gaps. But don’t freak out…I mean you don’t freak out if you get dirt on yourself…you just say, “Oh, I’ve got to wash this off.”

A lot of our fears may be coming up and manifesting because you may have given your attention to them and focused on them; or because you have the energy blocks (or shadows) in place and your energy else needs to be cleared. But in order to clear your blocks, you need to know that they are there. Something will happen in your life that will reflect that internal energy block. But if we’re not aware that that’s happening we might think that we’re a victim or that something is happening to you rather than showing you where you need to focus and clear some stuff.

Especially negative patterns are where your Soul is showing you that hey you’ve got this block that you need to clear. A lot of people will get into the habit where they say “This always happens to me,” and then we program it into our timelines as well. So it’s really important to ask, “how can I shift this? What is this energy block? How can I shift this energy and really take accountability for whatever is going on within me?”

We no longer have the options to ignore our pain, because it will just keep showing up over and over. Why not just face it and deal with it, clear it and then it’s done. A lot of me if your greatest fear happens and you live through it, then it’s no longer your greatest fear because you lived through it. You don’t have to be afraid of it. You know that you can make it through because you’ve done it before.

Usually when that happens is because you’ve been worrying about something and worrying is creating something that you don’t want. When you take your emotions and put it together with some visualization you are choosing what you don’t want in your life.

It’s focused emotion and attention together.  If you do it once, you haven’t manifested it, but if you do it repeatedly over and over then it becomes part of your subconscious programming that’s how you could line up with what you don’t want.

We’re starting to connect with the all-knowing aspects of ourselves and the inter-dimensional aspects of ourselves which is our full Soul being. Dream time is an alternate reality. It gives us the opportunity to clear, to learn, to understand in a safe space. Your dreams may be showing you what you need to clear. Especially if it’s a repeated dream or nightmare.

This is a really good time to go into meditation in order to quiet your mind and open up yourself to receive the information that is being made available. Now we’re in this window of time where there is just a flood of light coming in so just sit down and meditate every single day. It just takes you out of your mind and transcends physical reality. This gives you access to things you wouldn’t have if you’re thinking, or taking action, or doing something. When you’re being that’s when you’re able to receive. So when you’re not taking action that’s when you’re in the receptive state.

Remember that everything that you put into your body is the sum total of all the food, all the thoughts, the beliefs, the points of view will affect your light offering. Of course, you can shift that, but why put that in there in the first place…it will just cause you more effort as you work to raise your vibration back up. Choose high frequency.

With the heart chakra activation and the Unity Consciousness shift, many people will feel really uncomfortable when they get into a space with others. You might think that you kinda know what they’re thinking or what they’re feeling because if you’re going to shift into Unity consciousness that means all of us together. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have individuality, but we’ll be connecting with others in a way that we haven’t before.

Now if you’re starting to pick up on other people’s energies, it’s important to ask the question…”Is this even mine?”

For instance, you may walk into a room and be flooded with all these feelings and not even know that they’re not yours and you’re becoming overwhelmed with feelings because all these other people are expressing all their feelings and emotional responses and you’re picking up on their vibe and it’s becoming a little bit disconcerting. If you ask, “Is this even mine?” and your inner guidance says “No,” then lovingly return it to whomever it belongs or lovingly release it into the planet because you don’t have to hold onto it. Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean that you have to pick it up and hang on to it.

We’re all learning to be in the flow of least resistance. We’re starting to transcend the limitation of linear me and limiting beliefs and moving into that Eternal Now, synchronicity and the Unity of all that is.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, posted on July 8, 2019

Aug 8 Lions Gate 2019: Complete Embodiment of the Soul as we enter the 2019/20 Creative Cycle

The focus, on the personal level, for this cycle will be the completion of the embodiment of the Soul process that was begun in the 2018/19 cycle. In this past cycle, you were enabled via Diamond and Golden Light Codes, to activate the original DNA template for the Divine Human. This created the space for the Soul to fully descend into the body and complete this phase of the ascension of consciousness process.

This was by no means an easy process, for it involved deep healing and releasing of all old patterns of thought and belief that were not congruent with the frequency of the Soul. In other words, the Ego needed to release all and any behaviors and beliefs that were blocking the soul from fully expressing its energies within the human (body) experience.

So, Beloveds, you were engaged in an intense process of purging and cleansing on the emotional, mental and physical levels. So intense was this process that many of you felt as if you could go no further. But, rest assured Beloveds, this process is reaching its culmination. In this incoming cycle, the Soul will be able to enter fully into the Sacred Union of Body and Soul, and they will begin to live as One. There will be no differences between Body and Soul, and the Body will be clear to express the creative energy of the Soul. This will usher in a time of great inner peace and harmony that will gradually begin to be reflected in the outer world as more and more lightworkers and way-showers complete the process.

Beloved Ones, very soon everything that you do will be an expression of the soul and divine creation. You will be able to feel within your body when your soul is dancing in the light, or whether it is uncomfortable with your choices because they are not in harmony with your life plan. Then you will be gently guided to make new choices that are more in harmony, and so you will move forward on your journey creating only abundance, peace and joy in your New Earth reality.

This process of activating the Divine Human Template and infusing it with Divine Diamond Light will also be made manifestation the Collective level of Consciousness. Here you will see and feel old pa erns of communal living and existing…giving way to new ideas of community and new ways of being and sharing resources. As Communities, you will also be releasing old ego and mind dominated patterns to make way for more soul-infused ways of being and interacting.

Many of you will feel called to initiate new forms of community as part of your Soul Mission to activate the Sacred Energy of Earth, and some will be guided to assist in transforming communities that already exist by infusing them with the Soul Light of the Divine Feminine and the New Masculine.

In this cycle, there will be increased levels of what we call “Ancestral Healing” on the individual and community levels and even on the national level, as all that belongs to mind and ego begins to give way to structures based on Heart, Soul and Compassionate Love.

The Past and the Future will be changed forever as you focus into this cycle and make the changes that will determine that this timeline or time cycle of 2019/20 will be the one that changes everything and creates the Golden Future that you seek to create and experience.

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