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Moving Towards a Higher, Kinder Consciousness

Moving Towards a Higher, Kinder Consciousness

Exploring Arvel Bird’s 7 Keys of Spiritual Awakening
By Tarri Otterlee

When meeting Kimberly and Arvel, the first thing that strikes you is their openness and sincerity. They have a vision and a heart’s desire to help and assist others.  C. U. L. is not a religious church but a gathering of open-minded people coming together to learn more about themselves and others during this time of the Shift of Awakening.  Together we are creating a new world through positive change of consciousness.  We invite you to join us and be inspired through their messages and music. 

Let’s explore Arvel’s first 2 keys.  Release Emotional Baggage and Maintain Sacred Neutrality.

Release Emotional Baggage: or healing our emotional wounds from the past and the present. This is not always an easy task.  Some of our emotional wounds go deep and have affected our lives for years.  Some of us have ignored them and put them in a box deep into our subconscious only to have them come up when we are triggered, usually in the form of anger or sadness.

Others may have experienced what I call a mental loop where your mind keeps replaying it in your head holding you back from healing it and releasing what it is.  It could also be holding onto people, places and things that no longer serve your highest good.  The first step is to recognize your emotional wounds, then have the desire to change, then do your inner healing work.  Next take action to move forward to heal, to release and let it go.

Most of us cannot do this alone, so don’t hesitate to ask and get help.  Personally, over the years I have received help from energy therapy, emotional release techniques, journaling, and from a psychologist and a life coach.  Walking and reconnecting to nature brings peace within, while meditation quiets the mind and reconnects you to Source, helping you to heal and receive a new perspective that creates change.  The Serenity Prayer is an affirmation for us all:  “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” 

Maintain sacred neutrality:  staying in balance with yourself.  Learning to become less judgmental of yourself and others.  This is difficult but not impossible to attain.  We start to learn about judgment when we are children listening to adult conversations – what they say about people, religion, race, women and even politics.  Yes, children eavesdrop.  Judgment also comes from what our parents, teachers and our church tell us.  We may not understand it all but subconsciously it begins.

When we hit high school we start judging other students who are different, not like us, and form groups.  Some of these groups may become bullies, and a lot of the boys become sexist toward the girls, while the girls can become catty towards other girls. High school can be a very hurtful experience for some.  This can create self-judgment, low self-esteem, and create emotional baggage that can carry into adulthood.

By the time we reach adulthood, the majority of us have established beliefs about ourselves and others.  We get stuck in making judgments about way too many people, cultures, race, religion, politics and even what marriage should be like.  The old saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” is a good one to follow if you wish to change from judgment to neutrality.  Judgments and negative beliefs harm yourself and others.  Sacred neutrality allows you to see a greater truth about a person or a group of people.  You observe who they really are and what their intentions are.  This can lead you to inner peace with more acceptance of who you really are. 

I would like to close with St. Germain’s simple suggestions as a guide that you may like to try.           

Life’s Simple Guidelines
By St. Germain, channeled through Tarri Otterlee

1.  Truth                Be honest with others and yourself
2.  Integrity          Live life in integrity “Real integrity is doing the right thing”
3. Respect             Respect others (try not to judge) respect yourself (healthy boundaries).
                                Showing kindness and compassion to others.
4.  Love                   Love for self and others flowing freely and unconditionally
5.  Abundance       And gratitude will enter your life. 

Living In Grace Is:

Kindness – being kind to yourself and others

To be continued

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