Ditoh RohrigDitoh Rohrig

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Ditoh Rohrig is an herbalist, natural health guide, counselor and peacekeeper of Native American traditions.
He is a graduate of Silva Mind Control and Hanna Kroeger's "Help One Another" natural diet and medicines curriculum.
Ditoh is an ongoing student of subtle earth energies and cosmic forces at Senzar Learning Center.
Currently residing in the Sedona, Arizona region, Ditoh offers local herbal walks and workshops.

"Magic Happens .. ask for it, allow it, expect it,  watch for it,  acknowledge it, and be grateful for it."

Xianti Hoo, Ph.D / CNC
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My name is Xianti (pronounced shen-tee) Hoo. I am a Minister, Certified Nutritional Consultant and an alternative health practitioner. For almost three decades now, I have helped thousands of people regain their health using advanced alternative health methods to improve their life.  It is good and useful for me to follow my path through healing modalities, ancient and modern.

Discover how you (with the help of a Contact Reflex Analysis) can:

  • help recover your health and strength with simple nutrition changes
  • use targeted nutritional, whole food supplements to help your body begin feeling better within days or weeks
  • improve your health a step at time
  • learn what your body's primary imbalance is and how to address its root cause
  • get tips on boosting your immune system's IQ
  • find out how to begin to replenish your body's needs on a cellular level

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor 

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Voice teacher and professional vocalist since 1990

If you have ever wanted to take singing lessons, your time has come!  Elizabeth Taylor now has openings for students of all levels of experience.  Whether you are new to singing or have been a musician for years, Elizabeth can help you achieve your goals.  Lessons cost just $35.00 and last a full hour, giving you the opportunity to focus on as much music as you wish to learn!  Here is what other community members are saying about voice lessons with her: 

"Elizabeth is helping me improve my voice beyond what I thought was possible.  Her ability to establish rapport with me has enabled me to perform at my best during each lesson, and I leave her home studio excited to experience the next one."  ~M.A. 

"The hour sessions fly by for me; they are affordable and priceless.  I have experienced first hand how well she navigates through musical scores, harmony, vocal integrity, vocal blending and lyrical interpretation with finesse and ease.  Her belief in my hidden abilities has given me wings to break some self-defeating habits and now I am more confident to allow my voice to be a positive reflection of my self."  ~ D.S. 

Elizabeth is passionate about helping others open to the joy of singing that has filled her own life.  No matter what your singing goals may be, Elizabeth hopes that this is the year she can help you give your voice its wings!

Sandra Cosentino
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Crossing Worlds Journeys and Retreats since 1991 in Sedona
 Crossing Worlds Website | Facebook 

Ancient and contemporary understandings of earth, spirit and human community:  Sedona Tours, Nature Connection, Conscious Evolution-Modern Day Mystic experiential seminars/retreats, Ceremony; and Hopi and Navajo Journeys based on more than 3 decades of sharing in friendship and respect. 

CWHP supports Hopi sustainability and self-empowerment and provide cross-cultural learning opportunities for all peoples.  Volunteers and donations are welcome in support of our Hopi neighbors.  For example, help with the annual winter gifting program, agriculture and home repair projects, delivering supplies to families.  Hopis are the descendants of the ancestors our area and still maintain active connection to shrine sites all over the Verde Valley.  CWHP supports Hopi involvement with the Verde Valley Archaeology Center. 

Johanna Maheshvari Mosca, PhD

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Sedona Spirit Yoga at Sacred Sites

Johanna invites you to experience energy clearing, Yoga and meditation on a tour to one of Sedona’s sacred vortex sites or at a 6-day Sedona-Grand Canyon Yoga Retreat with lodging.  In 1992, after camping out on Sedona’s red rocks for 14 months, Johanna started Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking day tours and retreats to share the magic of Sedona with guests. You get to choose activities on your tour and can be guided in a series of poses or simply lie still on the red rocks for a deep Yoga Nidra Relaxation or a soothing sound healing with a Tibetan bowl.  

And if you are going through one of life’s challenges or are facing an important decision or turning-point, Johanna can help you talk about what you are experiencing, sort it all out, release any negativity, and get clear on the next steps to take for the highest good.  In addition to assisting individuals on their journeys, Johanna welcomes groups celebrating special occasions such as shown in this photo of a bride-to-be (center with white shirt), her bridal party and dear friends holding Johanna’s “Make Peace with Life” banner.  Join Johanna (2nd from left, top row in pink shirt) and “Become more of your Self in Sedona!