Oh . . . My . . . God! By Rev. Kimberly Kelley | Center of Universal Light
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Oh . . . My . . . God! By Rev. Kimberly Kelley

Oh . . . My . . . God! By Rev. Kimberly Kelley

A few years ago, Arvel was teaching at a Flute School in Utah where people from all over the world came to learn to play the Native American flute.  We instantly fell in love with a student, a wonderful woman from New Zealand named Ann Elliott.

One of her gifts to the school was a workshop to demonstrate the music of plants.  She bought a machine that converts the bio-emissions which are the electrical currents or frequencies that every living thing emits and then turns those frequencies into audible sound. 

You’re probably wondering how that works . . .

You take a plant, connect 1 electrode to a leaf and you connect another electrode into the soil.  Those electrodes conduct current from the leaves to a special amplifier that converts the analog waves into binary code (we call that digitizing, going from analog to digital), and the software takes that binary code and plays the associated note.  Musicians will understand that if the frequency it emits is 440 Hz, that is the same as Middle A on the piano.

She gave us a demonstration of two plants she bought locally.

I have to tell you, when she turned up the volume on the speaker, there was an audible gasp.  Then, she asked us to close our eyes and just absorb the sound not with our ears, but with our hearts. 

While we were lost in the moment for a few minutes we noticed the tones changing and we opened our eyes to see Ann caressing the leaves!  When she stopped the new tones were gone.  The plant was responding to her touch! 

The implication of that demonstration was pretty overwhelming for all of us who had literally never heard plant music before. . . and there was nothing left to say but, Oh . . . My . . .God!

“Oh My God”? Why do we say that?  Why is that our go-to phrase? Even in its many variations, oh, my gosh, goodness, stars, goddess, heavens, the

When was the last time you said that or even thought that? 

Was it watching your granddaughter singing songs she wrote on video and realizing she took after you?  Or watching your nephew speak at a TED Talk event?

Maybe you heard a knock at the door, and when you open it, there stands Ed Mcmahon . . . omg.

Or one of my personal favorites was looking out over the edge of the 700 foot Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland.

My most memorable OMG moment was the first time I met my grandson.  A few months ago I told you about the daughter I gave up for adoption when I was 16 and then reunited with 23 years later.

When the agency called to tell me they had a match with my daughter, Nikki, and oh, by the way, you have a 5-year-old grandson, OMG!

Then a couple of months later after reuniting with my daughter, I met my grandson and he called me grandma . . . I couldn’t even speak the words, I just said to silently, OMG I’m so in love!

So what does that mean, anyway?  What does it mean when we say Oh My God?

In this context:

Oh – means something caught your attention, that you’re in the now moment and that you’re mindful and focused on whatever it is that caught your attention in that moment

My – when we say “my” we are connecting with something more than this physical body . . . and . . . it’s that inner connection that creates a verbal gateway for that inner voice to rise up and be heard

God – is that personal journey we’re all on.  In this case, when we invoke the name of a deity, our divine essence, even if we consider it “the God Within”, we are calling that thing or person that first caught your attention “inspiring” and IN THAT MOMENT we know our connection to the Universe that celebrates all life!

So, what inspires you enough to make you say OMG and feel connected to our Universe?

What inspires you to feel the gratitude that you were in that place, in that moment in time  . . . to see that thundering wall of bison running over the horizon towards you, hearing your favorite song from high school that you first fell in love to on the radio or closing your eyes, raising your face and feeling the warmth of the early spring sunshine streaming through the branches of an old cottonwood tree.

So, how do we find more OMG moments every day?  Even better how do we CREATE more OMG moments every day?

I had to do that just yesterday!   I rarely feel overwhelming sadness or disappointment and certainly not depression, but yesterday, I felt overwhelmed, sad and resentful for things that I believed I would never experience in this life.  My mind was starting to spin, I told myself I was a failure, a loser, I made bad decisions and had wasted a good portion of my life . . .  and that was just in the first 10 seconds! 

But after a short few minutes, I realized the slippery slope I was headed and began looking for ways to get out of it. 

I started with my four-legger, Katie which was easy at the point because I was sitting at the kitchen table and she was staring at me with those big brown eyes that says, “don’t you have something to share with me?”  LOL.

I am totally and completely in love with that girl.

That led me to think of all the 4 leggers we’ve had in our lives that I felt such appreciation for that they shared their lives with us.  Then I thought of all the places where we adopted the girls (our dogs) from, the rescue organizations that so lovingly cared for them until we connected energetically then physically, which led me to think of all the places I HAVE been, experiences I’d had with all the wonderful people I met and continuing on that train of thinking, a few OMGs came up.

I was feeling immensely better in a very short time.

Sometimes we slip into that feeling of “meh” my life is just OK, or the blues come around, or maybe you’re aware enough to know you’re in that downward spiral.

If you don’t have any tools to use, it can get worse and worse, until you lay catatonic in bed in the fetal position and watch reruns of I Love Lucy!  . . . But I digress . . . the quicker I can catch myself, the easier it is. 

1. Look up . . . . it doesn’t have to be really high, just open your eyes wider and breathe as deeply as you can 3 times.

2.  Look around you . . . find that one thing, that ONE LITTLE THING . . . that you normally love, it could be your dog, cat, truck, your old LP collection, geez, even the lovely kitchen sink that Peggy Wolfgarth’s husband Don installed for us . . . and VISUALLY FOCUS ON THAT ONE THING.

Start with something that you can actually lay your eyes on.   Why?  Because research tells us that up to 85% of how we experience life is visual.

On an emotional level, what this does is to take your attention away from your negative internal dialogue and places it on something outside of yourself.

3.  Keep your focus on that thing and speak out loud all the good things that you see about the thing or person.  It doesn’t have to be loud, just speak the words.

Start with the absurd, then gradually add one by one . . . the deeper things.  i.e., when Katie was staring at me as I was sitting at the table in my pity party, she had a “hopeful” look in her eyes, so I said you are so cute, then I stroked her soft white fur, picked her up and put her on my lap and noticed the way she smelled and the way she melted into my body.  It felt so warm and comforting and allowed me to look beyond her to something else, like our kitchen table.  It’s the perfect color wood I like, sturdy, it fits perfectly in the space and the chairs are comfy.

Start with the small things because I know from personal experience that when you’re working to get out of that spiral, you can’t feel appreciation for big things.

4.  Feel the appreciation for that thing or person in your life.  And where is that feeling?  Right in your heart chakra.

5.  Ramp up the feeling.

6.  Repeat 1-5 until you feel the light return.

7.  Reward yourself with a walk with your pet, an ice cream cone, dance, whatever you can to reward yourself.

These steps are what we call “chunking” down. 

There are so many things every day that are OMG-worthy if you just look with appreciation at the smallest of them. 

Is it hearing the sound of plants that you’ve never heard before?

Aren’t we grateful that we have ears that can hear these sounds in the plants that allow us to feel the pleasure and the beauty of nature?

Do you think this is just another day in your life?  It’s not.  It’s the one day that is given to you today.  It’s a gift.  It’s the only gift that you have right now and the only appropriate response to it is gratefulness. 

If you do nothing else from the moment you wake up but to cultivate that response of gratitude, then you will have spent this day very well.

Look at the faces of people whom you meet.  Each one has an incredible story behind that face.  A story that you could never fully fathom.  Not only their own story but the story of their ancestors. 

We all go back so far and in this present moment on this day, all the people you meet, all that life from generations and from so many places all over the world, flows together and meets you right here, right now like life-giving water, if you only open your heart and drink.

Open your heart to the incredible gifts that our civilization gives to us.  You flip a switch and there is electric light, you turn a faucet and there is warm water and cold water and drinkable water. It’s a gift that millions and millions in the world will never experience.

So these are just a few of an enormous number of gifts to which you can open your heart.  And so I wish you that you would open you, heart, to all these blessings and let them flow through you so that everyone that you meet on this day will be blessed by you.  Just by your eyes, by your smile, by your touch . . .  just by your presence.

Let the gratefulness overflow into blessings all around you. Then it truly will be an OMG day.

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