Projects and Programs - How YOU can Help

Unless otherwise specified, all programs are held in Studio B annex of Old Town Center for the Arts, 633 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, AZ

Programs include:

CUL (Cool) Kids - A Sunday place for children K - Grade 5 to be inspired to connect with our divine source, to discover it to define it for that child's family beliefs.  No doctrine taught here.  We are ALL the Center of Universal Light - Contact Kimberly (615) 406-3689. or

Sister's Circle - Where women can gather monthly in a safe, loving, fun environment with a variety of programs - educational, fun, interesting and open to all women. Contact Kimberly (615) 406-3689 or

Health Rhythms Drum Program - Drumming for your health with Lyndie and Joe Modica. (928) 821-3974 or (928) 864-9733

Verde Valley Kokopellies - Flute circle, co-led by Rev. Arvel and Karen Reedstrom.  Bring your own flute or we will have some available.

Circle of Communication - It’s about relationships (all kinds), commitment, and honesty; a gathering of men and women, couples and singles, learning to stay together in community, with love as family. Join us!  GREAT turnout last week, let’s keep the Circle going!  Call Rev. Arvel for details (615) 406-3689 or email

Compassionate Communication - We will learn about and practice self-empathy, how to deeply listen, identify feelings and needs, address anger, and share our requests with others.  You can expect a participatory learning and welcoming classroom environment. We will be working to integrate processes that can help participants express themselves authentically, listen empathically, and understand themselves and others better.

For those of you Arvel Bird fans who have asked how to help support his new Spiritual Center in Cottonwood, Arizona, we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

We are continuing to tour part time to gladly fulfill performance contracts to support ourselves and the Center.  While we're on the road, the Center is well taken care of by our core group of staff and volunteers who keep the wheels turning.  We also host guest speakers and guest artists to share their stories and gifts. 

Because we are independent and inter-spiritual, the Center of Universal Light is 100% supported by our community, which means we aren't tied to any dogma, rules or restrictions of others and we like it fine that way.  We are simply, the "Center of Universal Light, Inc.", co-founded by Arvel Bird and Kimberly Kelley, where YOU are the Center of the Universal Light.

If you've seen Rev. Arvel Bird perform in his life as "Celtic Indian Arvel Bird", you'll understand this to be an extraordinary extension of what he already been doing in his concerts for several years, and now we are blessed with our own Spiritual Center, that allows us to share more information and our love of all things spirit.

Here is a Donate Button "Money Blessings" Button you can use while our 501(c) 3 paperwork is being processed. Your donation will still be tax deductible for 2017.