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Special Events

Center of Universal Light Special Events are another exciting part of our ongoing weekly events we offer to our members and the surrounding communities at large.  We invite you to join us for concerts, healing, arts & crafts, spiritual discussions, sister’s circles, men’s groups, drum circles, flute circles and much more.

CUL / Naam Yoga Global Peace

and Healing Meditation

When: October 13, 2019 4:00pm          Where:  Old Town Activity Park

Admission: FREE (Donations always gratefully accepted)

Group Meditation ImageThe Public is invited to gather at the Old Town Cottonwood Activity Park on Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 4 pm for a Global Peace and Healing Meditation. The 60-minute mass meditation, co-sponsored by the non-profit organizations Center of Universal Light and Naam Yoga Arizona will be guided by Naam Yoga Arizona’s, Dr. Nicole Coyle.

The Global Peace and Healing Meditation is designed to unlock healing, hopeful energy. Right now is the time to come together and connect with the positive healing force of the human heart.

The founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry says, ”When multitudes of people come together to align their brain waves for a healing cause, the concentrated and positive energy increases exponentially, creating a beneficial explosion of light that spreads throughout the world.”

It is our intention that this explosion of light will help to transform our country, the planet.  We will also honor all of those affected by tragedy in recent months. We are currently looking for a media company to Live Stream the event so you can join us from wherever you are.

Info for attendees:
1. Bring your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow(s) or chair on which to sit;
2. Bring your own drinking water or snack if needed;
3. Whatever you bring in with you, plan on taking it out with you, as we are creating a “zero waste event”;
4. Being mindful of the intent of this gathering, it may not the best event in which to include small children.
5. If you’re coming from out of town, we’ll be happy to provide a list of local hotels and Airbnbs.

Questions? Contact: Kimberly Kelley, (928) 864-5230 or you@centerofuniversallight.com.