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Special Events

Our Special Events are another exciting part of our outreach of community events we offer to our members and the surrounding communities. 
We invite you to join us for concerts, sound healings, arts & crafts, classes, workshops, spiritual discussions, sister’s circles, men’s groups, drum circles, flute circles, and much more.

Upcoming Special Events

XXXXX – Astrology Class with Barry Kerr

XXXXX – 12 Spiritual Universal Laws


Special Presentation – Where are we on the Hopi Prophecy Timeline?

When: February 7, 2020, 6:00pm – 7:30pm        Where:  Studio B, Old Town Center for the Arts

Admission:  Free, Donations appreciated for room rental

Prophecy Timeline

“Where are we?”

Join Jim Tree-Gilmore in Studio B of the Old Town Center for the Arts, in this intriguing presentation from a Native American point of view about these prophecies. The Hopi prophecies are known to be some of the most accurate predictions from cultures around the world.
Learn where we are on the timeline, what we should do to be prepared to live a peaceful, abundant life in the crazy world of the near future.
Jim Tree-Gilmore, (Cherokee) Spiritual Advisor for a Federally recognized Inter-tribal group and caretaker of the Sacred United Nations Turtle Pipe, will share the perspective of where we stand on the prophecy timeline predicted by the Hopi people over 1000 years ago.
His understanding of the interpretation of the Hopi “Prophecy Rock” on Second Mesa in Northern Arizona, is unique as it was formed by his relationship with Hopi elders who asked him to share this information with others in his worldwide travels.
At one historic point, Jim was honored to share this information with a group at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, Austria.  Following the 1-hour presentation, he conducted a Sacred Pipe Ceremony with the United Nations Turtle Pipe, created in the ’70s by his Elder Adam Fortunate Eagle Nordwall (Chippewa).

Healing Arts Fair

When: February 22, 2020, 11:00am – 4:30pm          Where:  Cottonwood Recreation Center

Admission: $5 Admission 

Individual Sessions:  $1 per minute

Healing Arts in Studio B

The Verde Valley Healing Arts Fair returns to Cottonwood Recreation Center on Saturday, February 22nd, opening the doors to wholeness and self-healing.

This all-day event has evolved over the years under the guidance of Carlton Ann Daly into a community-driven creation.

Questions? Contact: Carlton Ann Daly, (610) 574-2793 / carltonbat@aol.com or Kimberly Kelley, (928) 864-5230 / you@centerofuniversallight.com.