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Spiritual Malnutrition or Constipation?

Spiritual Malnutrition or Constipation?

.Long before computers, video games and cable television, my friends and I in Kearny, AZ played outside for hours and hours.  Of course, the summer was our favorite time because the swimming pool was open 8 hours a day and the rest of the time was spent in each other’s backyards.   You know my little hometown was so small that if we were in a 3 block radius we could hear someone’s mom yelling “come and get it!” we all came runnin’, because we knew it was time for the most delicious snacks EVER!  

Sugar and margarine on white bread . . . YUMmmmmMY!!!  

Then nearly every night at our house we would alternate between meat, potato and veggie, and Mexican Food.  The pinto beans were soaked, cooked in saltwater, mashed and then lightly fried with a generous helping of lard, then rolled in a tortilla made with white flour, salt and lard.

Yes, t was guilt-free eating and I never heard mom utter one word about “white flour” or “lard”. 

Eventually, I lost my appetite for white sugar, margarine, white bread sandwiches.

I know, weird, right?      

Our Appetites Changed

Then the inevitable happened, we grew up.  And just like food, we all lost our appetites for a lot of things from our childhood, including our religion of origin.

Whether it was no longer meeting our spiritual needs or we just had a healthy sense of curiosity, we explored other religions, spiritual practices, or, depending on the situation at home, we might have just tossed it all aside for a while.  No matter when or why our spiritual needs just weren’t getting met.

There are a few that found deeper meaning in their religion of origin and simply augmented it with new ideas because it WAS feeding that need within.  

We have some of all of this at CUL.   

Something Was Missing

When I was in my early 20s, I realized I was not going to hell if I checked out some other paths, something that might really feed my soul.  I was away from home, and I felt like something was missing.  The word spiritual misfit came to mind.

Non-traditional religions and spiritual paths were fascinating and I decided to kick the tires a little.  I read tons of books and listened to a carload of cassettes . . . that was the thing back then . . . just a tremendous amount of information in a very short time. 

Did any of you other spiritual misfits like me do that?  

I discovered Religious Science, Self Realization Fellowship, metaphysics, and channelings, pagan rituals, and practical magic.  

Now, you’d think with all that spiritual food on the buffet, I would have been full of all kinds of nourishment!  I was full of something, but it wasn’t nourishment!  LOL. 

I could talk about everything I read and listened to.  I had all this information IN MY HEAD, but it never made it into my heart and soul . . . much less the rest of my digestive system.  So, I could talk the talk but I didn’t walk the walk.  And with spirituality, if you don’t walk the walk . . . it eventually collapses and you become spiritually malnourished.   

ON THE OTHER HAND, let’s say you explored the Muslim faith, Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity, Paganism, you watched all the videos, books on tape, you eagerly looked for one path that would have all the answers  . . .   But it didn’t.    

Spiritual Constipation

See the one thing that will keep us spiritually CONSTIPATED is believing that we have to adhere to ONE path and follow those ONE set of rules, and live our lives according to that ONE set of teachings. And worse, yet, stay in this box that someone ELSE built for us.

I personally enjoy a huge variety of speakers, from Patrick Kelley, Joel Osteen, Matt Kahn, or Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss . . . ALL GREAT SPEAKERS with many times ground-breaking information and ideas.

There are also a lot of other videos, authors, speakers and such who just seem to just be looking for followers without any solid ideas, but they’re on the internet so you can believe them . . . Because you know, they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true!  LOL!

Seriously, I don’t believe for a minute that any ONE path any ONE person has all the answers to my spiritual education or growth.  

In fact, the original reason for CUL was to create a safe space for you to share your personal journey.   Wherever you are at any given time is the right place to be.  At CUL you will not feel like you need to swallow yet one more set of doctrines.

I hope we’re accomplishing that.  

Buffet of Beliefs

As we continue the 2020 Reset, that’s our road map.  No, we’re not going “back” to normal . . . we’re re-creating a new normal here at CUL. We’re bringing forward our original intent and re-setting it.  We will soon present you with a variety of speakers from all different paths and perspectives.  They will help us set the table so that you can continue to explore the “buffet of beliefs”.  Just take the best from all of them, but don’t leave them in your head.   Internalize them, integrate them, chew em up, spit em out, digest em, absorb em to find who you really are.  You will discover what your values and beliefs are so that YOU find YOUR balance in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds.

The answer to spiritual malnutrition and constipation is simply to embrace your true authenticity and walk your unique path that’s in true alignment with your soul.  

From the broader perspective of US as SOURCE this isn’t just about you or me or CUL.  This is about a movement of tolerance, or better yet, acceptance. This is about appreciation and compassion.  This is about acknowledging the powerful co-creator that you are.  And as that powerful co-creator, you continue to create NEW spiritual perspectives.  Those new spiritual perspectives will ensure that humanity will never again be spiritually malnourished or constipated. 

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