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Spirituality in the Quantum Paradigm

Spirituality in the Quantum Paradigm

by Rev. Arvel Bird

We have been reincarnated in this particular time period. We are the right souls at the right place at the right time. We are here to bring forth the transformation. We are the ones who have come back in time to be able to make this Shift of Awakening.

What is the Shift of Awakening?  In part, because of the conditioning we received beginning in uterus and later in early life, to believe we are imperfect and not good enough, we began operating as separate personalities believing that we are limited and lacking.

To attain balance and feel whole, we want to shift from limited, lacking, separate, conditioned personalities to infinite, unlimited potentiality connected throughout the Cosmos.

We have chosen to be here at this place and time, knowing our work was to reincarnate the transformation, the Shift of Awakening.  The new Messiah is not coming back to earth in flesh and blood, the new Messiah is coming back…as a community…like this one, we call the CUL.

And we are here in this moment, and believe it or not, we are the people, the community that is going to transform this planet.

Now, are you ready for this? Please hear me with an open heart and mind…I believe…we, you and I are the new Messiah. And what does Messiah mean? It means Messenger.

We, together are the new Messiah. We are going to create this new paradigm and what we do is going to affect many new generations. But we are the generation of all the generations that are going to start everything. But because we’ve got free will, we can be a part of it or not be a part of it.

We can act or sit and wait because destiny one day will arrive. It is better to act and make mistakes than not act. It is better to do and make corrections than to not do anything. Because time in this context is not unlimited. There is a deadline, so it is time to act, it is time to make things happen.

What can we do?

When enough of us make the shift of awakening (which means shifting our vibration to a higher level by using the 7 keys to making the shift that I spoke about 2 weeks ago; see the video read the transcript) When enough of us make the shift of awakening in our own lives then we can help support and guide the collective shift.

In order to understand the collective shift and the work we’re here to do, it helps to understand the Quantum Physics point of view.

There are four quantum principles that tell us how all quantum phenomena is governed.

First of all, what does quantum really mean? What is the key to all of this? It has to do with the Gap or Space Between.

Think of it like the strings vibrating on a guitar. There are only certain allowed intervals for how many wave lengths can fit on that string. This is what is called quantized. This means there are allowed states and disallowed states. A basic binary is the simplest expression of this. Like a light switch, on, off, one, zero. Instead of thinking of a line as continuous we can think of it as a discrete set of points with each set of points really close together with tiny gaps in between. The space between the gap is the Key.

Because this empty space is not empty at all, it is teaming with huge potential energy. It holds the quantum sea of infinite possibilities.

The four principles that govern all quantum phenomena are:

  • Complementarity
  • Contextualize
  • Consciousness
  • Connectivity

Even these words sound complicated. I’m going to explain this like the book, Quantum Mechanics for Dummies.  So stay with me.

Now, what do these words mean and how do they apply to us?

What is Complementarity? Is that even a real word?

It means any two items that are tied together as complementary pairs. Such as, “a particle’s position in space and it’s momentum through space. Meaning, if we know exactly where a particle is then we’ll not be able to know anything about its momentum, its mass, its speed, its direction.

We can apply this to ourselves like this: Ask the question, “where am I now?” and “Where am I going?”

If we know exactly where we are right now then we won’t have total clarity on where we’re going. That describes me. That’s because in order to know our exact position we must be standing still. If we’re standing still we have several options to where we can go from here. Have you ever experienced that kind of uncertainty in where you’re going in life?

The flip side of this is that if we know the precise momentum of where we’re going and how fast, we’ll not be able to tell exactly where we are. That’s because we’re moving and so our position keeps changing. Now it’s good to have momentum in life but it’s also important to stop and be here in the now.

Speaking of the now, another complementary pair are energy and time. First of all, energy is related to vibration. And the rate of vibration is what we call the frequency. Now frequency and therefore energy are inversely connected to time. Remember inversely means when an increase in one variable causes a reduction in the other variable. For example, when the price of a product increases, the demand for it decreases.

We can apply this to ourselves like this: we can ask the question “where am I?” “Am I stuck in the past?” “am I projecting into the future?” when our mind is thinking about the past or future we can sense how much energy it takes up, but when we think “am I in the now?” then our measurement of time becomes precise because only the now is real.

The cool thing is, that when we’re in the now that is when limitless energy becomes possible to access.

Alternatively, we could ask, “what is my energy level?” Since energy is directly related to frequency when we increase our frequency we raise our energy level. If we can bring our energy into a coherent state where everything is precisely attuned to one frequency or resonance that is when our sense of time can disappear and we can become One with Eternity.  This is why meditation is so important.

In quantum physics, they talk about there being many simultaneous possibilities and probabilities all existing at once. That’s until a measurement or an observation or choice is made. Upon observation one of those possibilities will manifest out while all the others will disappear. This is called the observer effect.

Scientists were wondering if mass could behave as both wave and particles. And as we know today it can and does. This has all been confirmed. In their experiment, if they set it up to see if behaved as a wave then indeed it did. But, if they set up the experiment to see if it behaved as a particle, then its behavior changed to that of a particle. It’s all about how we choose to set up our observation points.

It’s creepy. It’s as if the quanta are aware that they are being observed. We’re observing them and they are watching us.  The very act of observing has a dramatic effect on their behavior. It is a real phenomenon.  Maybe Santa really does know if we’ve been naughty or nice.

So what is quantum physics telling us…about the underlying nature of the universe? First, it’s telling us that the universe is dual or we can use the term complementary. IOW, the things we can observe have a dual nature. Wave and particle, position and momentum, energy and time. Each pair intricately tied together. In its quantum realm, it can be both and neither. It’s all one.

In the quantum field, there are no absolute physical things. Quantum particles exist everywhere simultaneously, & have the capability to collapse potential realities into physical existence. So, any future event to be experienced…already exists as potential, waiting to be observed by self. To change any belief or perception, we must change the state of being. Our bodies don’t know any difference between actual experiencing & just thinking about experiencing. They believe that they’re actually living this experience in the present moment.

In the quantum realm, infinite possibilities exist simultaneously. It’s a sea of possibilities. And it’s non-dual. But once we take a measurement or observe one of those states in the physical, that is when uncertainty and duality enter in. When we observe something we only come to know about one aspect while sacrificing the ability to know about its complementary partner.

It’s important to note that by using a quantum physics perspective we can reach a point of oneness within the realm of unlimited potentiality. That leads us to…when we’re in a unified field, we can be whole. Things such as diseases, phobias, addictions can cease to exist. And when we stop assigning importance to limiting perspectives (like medical diagnosis), or situations and diseases, they can cease to exist.

Now let’s look at the second principle that says that things are Contextual. This means we give meaning to things by the act of observing them. When you give your attention to someone or something you give meaning to them.  The meaning we give depends on the context or set of conditions we choose to go with, or it depends on the assumptions and judgments that we make. So the meaning emerges from the interaction, or the synergy between the observer and the observed.

When various particles and forces are interacting under certain conditions entirely new things can emerge out of the quantum sea…things that were not there before. Miracles can seem to happen.  The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

At the metaphysical and philosophical level, this idea of context begs the questions, “Did we choose to come into this object based experience of the physical so that we could observe ourselves? AWAobserve all the possible manifestations of the source? And by observing…come to know and by knowing bestow meaning, if so, does that mean that we can give our own lives greater meaning, especially when we put it the context of a mission? Clearly, I have a lot of questions.

But a quantum mindset would say, “Yes”. Yes, the universe is participatory. We are co-creating, in partnership with this universe, through our observations and choices. This means that our consciousness plays a vital role in determining what manifests for us out of the quantum sea of possibilities.

Is the universe conscious? What is consciousness anyhow? Is it what the materialist claim? That it’s just an epiphenomenon, which means, a mental state regarded as a byproduct of brain activity. Does consciousness emerge from the brain purely by groups of molecules working together in a physical system? Or is consciousness more fundamental to our universe, more primary, as the sages and wisdom teachings of the planet have taught?

My belief is that consciousness is primary. How can something be responsive to consciousness if it’s not somehow sentient or conscious itself? Those of us who view consciousness as the foundational essence of the universe are in good company. Several of the most brilliant minds that helped discover and develop quantum physics also believe this. These scientist are not house hold names but they richly discussed it. One of them, Max Planc said, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness.”

We can also see this idea of a participatory conscious universe in many ancient wisdom traditions. How many have heard of the Hermertica? Written by unknown authors in Egypt sometime before the end of the third century C.E., they were part of a once substantial literature attributed to a mythic figure of a Hellenistic fusion of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. It’s part of the “Gnostic” writings.

It says, “everything seen has been begotten because at some point it came to be seen or (observed). There is nothing in the cosmos that does not live. Life is not birth, but awareness. All are immortal…matter, life, spirit, soul, mind of which everything is constructed.”

One of the most mind boggling findings of quantum physics that has both intrigued and baffled scientists is how quantum systems that meet and interact are for evermore entangled. What this means is that they can no longer be considered as individual, but have become and intimately connected whole. They form a single entity. Even if both components are on opposite sides of the universe information is somehow communicated between them instantly, regardless of how much time or space passes between them.

This entanglement between the twin particles is called non-local, because the connection is instantaneous and independent of spatial separation. If we live in a non-local universe, then we can be in direct contact with both our past and future selves. This ability to focus attention on distant points in space-time is labeled non-dual personal awareness. How does our personal consciousness access non-local space?

Through the process of intentionality, which is fundamental to any goal oriented process, including retrieval of memory.   Intentionality is the act of being deliberate or purposeful.  It’s our thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes that are being directed toward some object or state of affairs.

With quantum physics, we can say that there is no actual physical property that exists in the real world until it is observed. This is called the observer effect.

The problem, at the time, was that this instantaneous information would have to travel faster than the speed of light from A to B. This seemed to violate specific relativity that says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. It also says that the quantum world must be non-local.

It means that altering one quantum object can instantly influence distant parts of the universe. Here again, we encounter a Hermetic principle, the principle of correspondence that says “as above so below”. Another way of saying this is “as here, so else-where”. The choices we make really can reach across the universe.

Even modern day theoretical physicist Michio KaKu says, “it is impossible to completely separate ourselves from the Oneness of the Universe.”

What else can quantum physics tell us about our connection to the universe? Well for one thing, we are entangled with every particle that we have ever interacted with including people and all the things and people that they have interacted with, and so on. Imagine the implications of this. Every sub-atomic particle of light or energy that has ever traveled to us, whether from Earth or from outer space and the stars if it interacted with our body then it is still entangled with us where ever it may now be in the universe.

Plus all the other particles that it has ever interacted with us are also entangled with us. Talk about connectivity.

Even more amazing is that if the whole universe started from a big bang singularity, then that would say that everything was entangled from the beginning and to some degree still is.

Not only that, but some evidence suggests that a kind of connectedness extends not just to quantum objects but also is found in evolutionary biology, consciousness studies and cosmology.

So what does this tell us? This suggests that beyond energy and matter there is information intrinsic within the universe. It is a special kind of in-form-ation that not only transmits, it also plays a vital roll of forming nature at all scales from the quantum, to us, to the cosmos.  This is what I would call the Inner Guidance system that we are born with; the instincts that animals follow; our own instincts or gut feelings or hunches.  This is information intrinsic within the Universe.

We truly are connected to the stars and to each other. We live in a connected universe. This might sound cliché, but this is physics, not just spiritual philosophy. Yet it supports what many spiritual teachers and initiates have been saying through time, we are all one.

Is there really a here or there? At the quantum level of entangled systems there is only the here and now. There is no separation.  There’s only one whole.

What does quantum physics have to say about time? Is there a past, present, and future? Does the arrow of time only move forward? Is there a then and now? Clearl,y I have a lot more questions, but I also have the quantum answer to all those questions and it is a resounding NO.

Time does not impose any limitations on the quantum realm. This implies that space time is not fundamental but rather emergent. And here again, we can see that quantum connectedness is more fundamental than space or time.

So what does all of this tell us? That we truly are connected to the stars and each other. Why is this connectedness so fundamental? Turning again to the Hermetic principle it tells us that the truth is that there is a harmony agreement and correspondence between the several planes of manifestation. The same laws and characteristics apply at all levels because it comes from the same source, the All.

Now whether scientists realize it or not they have inherited their search to understand the universe from their predecessors many of whom were initiates in the Hermetic tradition. The oral tradition of hermetic teachings is said to date back at least 8000 years and has been kept alive as sacred wisdom by the initiates of the mystery school.

Scientists have long sought to understand the mind of God or what Einstein called the “secrets of the Old One”. They searched for a theory of everything, one mathematical formula that unites all the laws of physics. And in their heart of hearts, many hope to discover that the universe is self-consistent, that there is reason and meaning to all that we observe and experience. And there is, but so long as scientists remain rigidly opposed to bringing consciousness into those laws they will fail to find a true theory of everything.

The original, as above so below, principle comes from the ancient Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Hermes. The original statement reads, “True, without error, certain and most true.” “That which is above is as that which is below.” “and that which is below is as that which is above.” “for performing the miracles of the One thing and as all things are from the One by the meditation of the One.” “So from this One thing come all things by adaptation.”

We can see in this statement that there is a distinction made between the One thing, and the One mind. The miracles of the One thing are the manifestations of the One Mind into matter and then the subsequent work to perfect and evolve those things by adaptation or transformation.

So, the One Mind, itself, is…Source, the All from which all things come. And it tells us that the way things come to be is by the meditation of the One Mind.

Let’s look deeper at what meditation means here. Meditation is the focusing of one’s mind or total awareness until it comes completely into a state of coherence. Which is the quality of forming a unified whole. Again, coherence is a major key when it comes to the quantum realm and the Spiritually Enlightened realm. It means everything is aligned, synchronized and of one whole. IOW, it’s a unified state.

In this coherent state, the mind meditates upon the One thing, the desire to manifest. In the Hermetica, Hermes tells his son Tat that everything seen has been begotten because at some point it came to be seen. Coming to be is nothing but imagination. That sounds a lot like the Observer Effect. Then Hermes says that the One Source is invisible because it always is and what begets is not itself begotten.

But if you want to see God, consider the Sun, consider the circuit of the Moon, consider the order of the stars. Who keeps this order? For there is nothing in all the cosmos that God is not. Now, if you don’t like the word God just replace it with Source or Universal Consciousness, or whatever you prefer.

Now as all things are from the One, by the meditation of the One, Hermeticists call this the principle of mentalism. The One or the All, may be thought of as a Universal, infinite, living mind or perhaps today we might call it a unified field of pure consciousness. This is at the foundation of everything.

It is within this one mind that all is united.

Now how can we apply all of this in our lives today? What is the practical Spirituality for us to take home this week?

First of all, since we are all connected, that means that the changes we make within ourselves do matter to the universe.

Back to what physicist John Wheeler said, “useful as it was to say that the world exists out there, independent of us, it is a view that can longer be upheld.”

So, when we work on improving ourselves, healing and cleaning up our thoughts words and deeds it does makes a difference to the world, to the universal mind. When we transform from negative to positive in our lives we send good vibes throughout the universe.

The outer is a manifestation of the inner. What does that mean for us? If we want our outer life and our world as a whole to improve, we must start within.

Secondly, this shows us that if there is a way to direct what comes out of the quantum field it will require more than just choice or intention. Those things are a beginning and they might get us results, but they are random results. What we need is to hold the coherent intention, to hold the unified whole, connected to the One Mind and meditate upon the result we desire.

Only through a daily meditation practice where we regularly quiet the lower mind will we be able to consciously tap into the One Mind. Once we cultivate the ability to hold a prolonged coherent state of being then we will become more effective participants in the game of life. It’s easier said than done, right? Maybe, but quantum physics gives us other key insights of how to tap into that unified state more easily.

We all realized before physical birth that we were going to experience a separation from Source Love and that our most important mission in life was to find our way back to the Love that is Source, to the Love that is within us, to the Love that is who we are truly meant to be and that by doing this we would change the world and contribute to the evolution of our the human species. We chose to do this. We are the new Messiah, we are the people, the community that are going to transform this planet. Join me, together we can change the world.

Thank you, with blessings of light and love for self, the community and planet earth, I’m Rev. Arvel Bird, Co-Founder of the Center of Universal Light.

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