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Support CUL

How to Support Center of Universal Light

General Financial Donations – Funds are used for general operations of the Center of Universal Light.  Please consider a regular monthly donation.

Get Involved – Volunteers are always needed.  Click here to download a list of activities where your help is always needed.  Not sure where to start?  Greeters are the best way.  You can start someone’s day off with a smile, handshake or hug as they walk in the door.

Sponsored Donations – Want to sponsor your Ministers, or a scheduled guest speaker / musician, activity, paid position for Audio Visual support?  Contact Kimberly for details at

Member Reciprocal Program – Host a workshop, retreat, etc. and in return for CUL’s support and promotional outlets, you agree to give a portion of your collected fees, love offering or other revenue generated to CUL.   Click here for details of the Program.

Many thanks to all of you Arvel Bird and Kimberly Kelley fans who have already been supporting their new Spiritual Healing Center in Cottonwood, Arizona,through prayers and donations, we love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Your supported is so appreciated and it’s heart-warming to see how many lives Arvel has touched over the many years of performing his award-winning music, sharing his stories, facilitated healing workshops and through private counseling sessions. 

Many more of you have asked how to help support us in this new work which is, simply put, a spiritually expanded version of what we did on the road for so many years.  

Arvel is continuing to perform because that’s who he is, first and foremost, and it supports us in our work here in Cottonwood. 

Thanks to our generous donors:

  • We have purchased a better camera for recording all Gatherings at CUL
  • We have a YouTube Channel which is currently being populated with videos from most every Gathering.
  • We have brought in special speakers, musicians and hosted spiritual movies, such as Samadhi.
  • We host Monthly and bi-weekly groups, such as Sister’s Circle, Men’s Group, CUL-Kids, Native American Flute Circle, Sacred Drum Circle, Circle of Connection.
  • Because we are independent and inter-spiritual, the Center of Universal Light is 100% supported by our community, near and far, which means we aren’t tied to any doctrine, rules or restrictions of others which leaves us clear to celebrate all paths to the Divine.  We are  the “Center of Universal Light, Inc.”, co-founded by Arvel Bird and Kimberly Kelley, where YOU are the Center of the Universal Light.

If you would like to Donate to help support Arvel Bird is his mission, here is button to make it easy.  We are a 501c3, organization, an Arizona non-profit corporation.  As such, your donation is tax deductible.

At the Center of Universal Light, Inc., we love contributing to the Verde Valley community in Arizona and beyond.

As a growing Spiritual Center, we enjoy offering many ways for you to be a part of our developing community. 

Our Center and our programs are designed to create opportunities for building leadership skills, continued spiritual growth, and deepening our connection with our Source, Creator, God, the Universe, which is why we sometimes request (and always appreciate) the support of our attendees.