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The Magic of Rebirth

The Magic of Rebirth

This is an excerpt from a talk I gave at our Center of Universal Light Spiritual Center on Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2021, also the first day of our return to in person Gatherings.


Although, my talk today is a departure from the traditional mother’s day message, I do want to honor all the moms by birth or by choice, and the dads and grandparents who doubled as moms.

Honestly, there’s just not much I can say about mother’s day that hasn’t already been said many times, so let’s keep moms in our hearts as we talk a little bit today about moving from our birth to our story of re-birth. 

On its own, being born is an amazing process, a no-brainer, but amazing, isn’t it?

I mean, for the most part, you’re gonna pretty much turn out the way you’re gonna turn out based on your parents DNA, programming by our parents, teachers, churches, siblings, friends until at some point in your life, you realize that all those old beliefs all those old programs you learned aren’t actually yours and most don’t even work for you anymore.

Once you become aware of that, you have a choice, you can keep what’s working for you and change the rest or you can just continue doing what you’re doing and not much will change. 

So when we come to a fork in the road representing a chance to reinvent ourselves, a time of rebirthing, whether its is due to a near death experience, from retirement, a dark night of the soul, prison or . . . a pandemic lockdown . . .  it’s a great opportunity to recreate ourselves into becoming something more than we were before. You might even think to yourself, “something’s gotta change”.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get this rebirthing process started.  But first, we need a clean slate. 

Not sure how to do that?  

Start by answering these 2 questions:

What am I thinking about? and 

What am I saying to myself/what am I telling myself? 

Ask and answer these two questions over and over and you’ll learn everything you need to know about where you are right now.  That’s when  you can begin to unravel the lies we’ve learned to tell ourselves. 

So, what are you thinking?  

What kinds of things do you say to yourself?  “You are awesome, you’ve got this.” “I knew you could do it”  Or does it sound more like, “Everything you do turns to crap” or “You are such a loser”?  

I’ve heard that of the 6-7,000 thoughts we have every day, 90% are repetitive thoughts.  Assuming that our thoughts help to create our future, it means tomorrow’s forecast says you’ve got a 90% chance of repeating the same day as today (think “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray)

And well, frankly, if that’s an exciting thought, you probably aren’t gonna be reading this blog about change. 

But if you’re not too jazzed about reliving the same day over and over, it might be time to jump off that carousel.

How do you even know that what you’re thinking needs changing?  One way that works for me is that whenever I feel a little anxious, upset, a knot in my stomach that I can’t quickly identify the source of, I stop right there and I say, “wait, what was I just thinking?”  “What was I thinking just before that?”   Mary Morrissey calls it “notice what you notice”.

I’ve been taking a class from Mary about ways to improve my life and 2 of the steps were about decluttering our mind and forgiveness.  

I knew that in order to declutter my mind so that I could be ready for my re-birth, I really had to pay attention to what I was thinking about, I had to notice what I was noticing. What was I giving my attention to?  

Once the declutter process was well under way, I went to the next lesson, forgiveness.  There was a LOT of forgiving involved and 99.9% was forgiving myself for things I did, for beating myself up, saying terrible things to myself. 

These things can really stick with you for a long, long time.  

In 1st grade I dropped a boulder on the foot of one of my friends . . . which was especially bad because she was hemophiliac.  I just knew I had ruined her life, possibly killed her, oh, I had quite the story going. I know I apologized for it at the time, but I didn’t understand the principle of forgiving myself.  50 or so years later we reconnected. I decided it would be a good time to make sure she knew just how bad I felt about it so she would forgive me and I could quit shaming myself.  

When I began the story to set up my apology, she just looked at me, squinted, cocked her head and shrugged her shoulders.  She didn’t even remember that.  All I needed to do at that point was forgive myself.

So, what do you need to forgive yourself for?  ANYTHING IN THE PAST.  Why?  Because whatever it was, you’re just telling yourself a story about how you did something wrong or how bad you were.  

It’s just a story. That was then, this is now.

And if it’s just a story, you can rewrite it with a “that was then, this is now” ending. 

Once you’ve forgiven yourself most of the decluttering work is done.  You will have a lot less old baggage to weigh you down when you have possibilities beyond imagination to do something quite differently.

And now as I look over the last couple of months it’s easy to see how beautifully Spirit called us forth to this time of rebirth personally and for CUL.  

Our CUL Council has solidified into a cohesive unit whose primary concerns are growing CUL physically and more importantly, spiritually in order to keep us on track with diversity, love for the path we each walk and to continue on the collective path to our rebirth, our reinventing which begins today.  

I know I talk alot about reinventing, and this has been the most unique opportunity, I mean think about it . . . What we were given was Universal permission to be alone and work out inner “stuff” although to some it probably felt more like Spirit sat us down in “time out” . . .  “You can just sit there until your attitude changes, mister.” 

And now, here we are on the precipice of another “rebirth” another reinvention of ourselves, universally and personally, and I believe it’s critical in order to create a new way of being, to acknowledge the learning we got from this past year.  

I know what mine was, what was yours?  I do hope you got some learning and that all we went through was just wasted time, spinning our wheels until we got back to normal . . . What IS normal and why on earth would we want to go backward, anyway?  Not me and i don’t believe you would, either.

To quote “The Path of She”

“Rebirth is a potent magic. It offers profound transformational change that can make your life anew. It’s a special kind of transformative magic that emerges from the lost, forgotten and denied parts of your life story, secreted away in the dark folds of your inner landscape.”

As I mentioned in the beginning, rebirth is a conscious, intentional choice and it’s framed by your changing thoughts and beliefs. 

As you go through your day, celebrating with Mom, or family and friends, notice what you notice.   Notice what specifically you’re thinking about “that person”, “that thing”, “that place” and what it is that you don’t like, because and I want you to hear this, when you start noticing what you are noticing, you will discover things about yourself you never knew and when you get specific about the things you don’t like about things “out there”, you’ll find they are right here in side YOU and are ready to change. That’s the learning, that’s the forgiveness and THAT’s the Magic of Rebirth.

Welcome home everyone.  With love, I’m Kimberly Kelley, your Spiritual Director at the Center of Universal Light.


Kimberly Kelley is a Life Transformation Coach through Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy with her practice in Cottonwood, AZ.

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