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Universal Resurrection

Universal Resurrection

This is the transcript of a message given by Spiritual Director, Kimberly Kelley at the Center of Universal Light in Cottonwood, AZ on Easter, April 17, 2022


A man dies and goes to heaven.  St. Peter was waiting for him at the pearly gates and said, before I let you in you have to answer these three questions:

The man says ok.

St. Peter says, how many days of the week begin with the letter T

The man said 2

St. Peter says, OK which ones

The man says Today and Tomorrow

St. Peter stops and thinks, well, I guess he’s not wrong.

Then he asks, how many seconds are there in a year?

The man says, 12

St. Peter says, 12??  You’re saying there’s only 12 seconds in a year?

The man says, Yes, sir

St. Peter says, Explain

Well, ya got January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd and so forth

St. Peter shakes his head and says well, I never thought of it that way. . . . OK, last question, What is God’s first name?

The man says that’s easy, it’s Howard?



How Did you come up with that name?

It’s in the bible!

It’s in the bible??

Yes, “Our Father, who art in heaven Howard be thy name”

St Peter just shakes his head and says, Come on in!



Happy Easter Sunday everyone.  Today we celebrate the day that Jesus is described as rising from the dead or resurrecting after being nailed to a cross on Friday.   

That must have been a horrendous event, which was, I understand, visually and audibly embellished and enhanced in great gory detail in the movie Passion of the Christ. I didn’t watch it. You know, once you see something you can’t unsee it!  I remember hearing that many people that attended the movie were traumatized and went into therapy.

I wanted to find out why the Easter Resurrection Story is told over and over again and if there was actually some relevance to us, to see if there was some reason other than making people cry imagining what happened to Jesus in that story in an attempt to have them answer an altar call.  Hey, I’ve been to enough fundamental churches to know some of the more effective strategies.  If you don’t know what an altar call is, ask me after the Gathering.

I always like to provide full disclosure when I’m talking about something in the bible because I am not a bible scholar, I’ve not even got past the Adam and Eve story, which was . . . what got me kicked out of Sunday School.

I HAVE, however, found it fascinating listening to preachers and other teachers present their interpretation of the stories in it. I also want to say that I appreciate all faiths and spiritual paths, and the perspectives we bring to them because underneath each is a common thread of Truth and that’s what I like to focus on.

Today, rather than telling the story AGAIN from the biblical perspective, I wanted to explore this story as a metaphor, a story to teach us something, something about ourselves.  

That’s not so far-fetched, because we use metaphors in Hollywood, Bollywood and anywhere movies are made and many times, if you’re tuned into the plot, you’ll see there’s almost always a “take-a-way” from the story.

I started researching to see if the story of Jesus’ Resurrection might be a metaphor for Universal Resurrection. I mean, we talk about “The Resurrection” as if there was only one in all of humanity, as if Jesus was the only one who was authorized to experience this.  I’ve discovered that, in reality, there is such a thing as a Universal Resurrection that everyone has authorized access to.  

I was reading the teachings of Sufi master Inayat Khan, a 19th century professor of musicology, singer, and most importantly, he was a pioneer in bringing Sufism to the Western world. 

So today is somewhat based on his teaching not to get you to change your beliefs about the resurrection of Jesus, but to offer a Universal perspective and practical approach that you can use for creating, reaching for, and experiencing our own resurrection. 

Inayat Khan wrote, “The resurrection is that moment after death when the soul becomes conscious of all its experiences. And because the soul is connected with everything in the universe, the individual resurrection is a universal resurrection.”

In other words, that moment after death, our souls become aware of being connected with every experience it has had in this life, previous lives, future lives, that time between lives,and in that awareness of our connection, we “resurrect”, IOW we “expand” going beyond the individual, becoming a universal resurrection, a universal awakening.    

To me, that means that there never was the “resurrection” of just one man.   And that on Easter, “The Resurrection” we actually celebrate is our Universal Resurrection.  The things you do, the steps you take to gain clarity about who you are apart from this body, that immortal you, affects everything.  

And to take that a step further, if we are here to assist the planet in its ascension, its resurrection, don’t you think we first . . . have to experience our own?  AND . . .

. . . because that immortal part of ourselves is connected to everyone and everything (our planet included), THAT is the biggest assistance to mother earth we can possibly give and that, in reality, is the only way. 

The Easter story tells that when Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to the tomb where Jesus had been laid, they saw that the stone in front of the tomb had been rolled away; and, when they looked in, they saw his wrappings and head cloth lying around; but the body wasn’t there. 

There are some theories as to what happened there, but I’m not going to debate the issue.

No matter what you believe, I feel that resurrection is actually a metaphor for shedding our own wrappings, our own shrouds, the shrouds that weigh us down, like old beliefs, thoughts, negative emotions, hate, fear, anger . . .  and . . . replacing them with the highest vibration of Love I mean after all, isn’t that what Jesus was about, again except for the unfortunate incident in the temple.  

Occasionally someone might come to mind that I think of with loving thoughts and as soon as I catch myself I start saying out loud, “sending love, sending peace, sending health, sending wealth” and I repeat that over and over, until it really does feel like love, peace, health and wealth all things I want for myself.  AND I know that when I’m in that Vibration of Love, I resurrect myself.  

And you can do the same thing when you resurrect YOURself and you receive that spark of Oneness, and become aware that you are, in fact, the thing you’ve been seeking, all along.  IOW, YOU ARE Source, YOU ARE God, YOU ARE the Universe, YOU ARE love.  

I remember Esther Hicks and Abraham talking about raising your vibration and on a personal note I have actually experienced that to the point that some people and experiences can no longer exist in that vibration. 

You’ve probably done that, too.   For example, when I quit listening to all the horrible events things in the world, watching scary movies and murder mysteries, I felt lighter, no more sadness, anger, frustration, fear, and the people who used to constantly talk about those things that were perpetually depressed, no longer come around OR we found other things to talk about, uplifting things, things we can actually do something about.  Even FB, Google, IG all got the message, because I don’t even get those notifications anymore, either.

Like Esther and Abraham say, you can’t get sad enough to help someone happy, you can’t get sick enough to help someone be well, and so forth, the best thing we can do is resurrect ourselves from the the belief of separation, death, and know that when we reach for our Universal Resurrection, we are actually doing the very best possible thing for those in other parts of the world, for our animals, for our family.

If it makes you feel good, then send donations to help those in need, volunteer because it feels good, do it with a happy, grateful, loving heart, because to do those things with less than that isn’t helping as much as you think it might. You simply can’t get sad enough to help anyone else be happy. 

SO, rising to that level of consciousness where we completely shed our old “stuff”, is the highest degree of resurrection there is; but there are other degrees, other stages we go through, just like you can’t get to the 10th floor without passing through the other floors.

Now, it’s all wonderful to know this as something that we become aware of AFTER we die, but I like to keep things practical, you know, news you can use, not just theoretical speculations that we can’t even test the veracity of until we’re dead, so I went a little deeper into the meaning of resurrection, and how we can benefiting from this awareness while we can still enjoy it.

Inayat Khan referred to it as the mystical pursuit of God-realization, the ultimate realization that we are, as I said before, that which we have been searching for.  

His description of someone who is dead, is one who has not yet realized their own immortality.  Whereas, one who is resurrected has reached that realization of his God-self and that he himself is immortal, he will never die. 

So, I say now is the time to conquer death, to awaken to our own immortality.  You see, no matter what spiritual path we’re on, I believe that they all lead to this realization that we are one with the Source of All that Is, and the time to realize our own immortality is now.  

I’ve never articulated this before, because I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating, imagining, but for a few seconds? Minutes? After the tornado while I was still buried under the house with my friends, I thought I was dead, it was pitch black and I couldn’t see anything.  I don’t know how long that lasted, but sometime during that period, there was a spark of light, and just for a split second, I knew, I knew that I wouldn’t never die, sure my heart might stop beating, but the immortal me, my consciousness would never die.  It wasn’t like a NDE or anything.  It didn’t last that long, but the glimpse of me being something more than this body was the beginning of a spiritual path towards enlightenment.  I’m nowhere close yet, but I am working on it.

So how can we know how close we are to Oneness or Enlightenment or God-Realization, and the realization that we are in fact, God, the Universal Light?  To me they’re all interchangeable.  That might be heresy to some, but hear me out.

Now enlightenment is kind of a controversial word.  Some have used it to create division, but for me, enlightenment is a good word to describe One Who Shines or One Who Radiates Light.  In that moment under the rubble of the house, that spark of light felt like a light radiating from somewhere inside of me, but you know anyway you cut it, all of those terms feel pretty much the same to me.  They all feel like rising up out of our bodies and becoming one with God while we’re still IN our bodies and able to  enjoy it!

Here are the 3 stages for you to check in with yourself and decide where you are along the path to your own Universal Resurrection.

The first stage comes with our awareness of something greater than ourselves, the awareness of the one who beats our heart, a divine presence, the light.  That light doesn’t change when we are good or bad or only when we need something, it is there all the time even shining in our own darkest moments. Some might say, even shining a light on our shadows.   I think all of us here have attained this first stage.

The second stage to Universal Resurrection is when we recognize that the light is within us, the realization that for all the years we’ve been seeking it, we finally know that we are the light that we have been seeking, we are becoming enlightened, we are one with God.  That light is within us and it always has been.  

And the third and final stage of your Universal Resurrection is no longer that the light is within, it’s the revelation that “I am the light” – this is a major revelation for a lot of people.  To others? It might be a bit of blasphemy, but if, through our own Universal Resurrection, we can turn our lives from greed, anger, hate, etc., to Love, then I believe the Divine Source won’t mind us declaring “I am the Light”, I am the Universal Resurrection, as one of my teachers says, “you ARE the Universe.  

It is suggested in the bible that Jesus went through these 3 stages in his journey to become a Christ: he started out as a “messenger of God”, then became the “son of God”, and then he finally declared , “I and my father are one.”

Why wait till you die for the promise of that condo in the sky, of a blissful afterlife, your heavenly reward.  If the only difference is that after our physical death we are AWARE that we are part of this incredible Oneness, why not be aware now?  Why not just acknowledge that you are One with the Light?  From there, it’s really just a short leap to understanding that you ARE the Light, and as I’ve said all along, here, say it with me, “I AM the Center of Universal Light.”

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