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Where’s Your Harmony?

Where’s Your Harmony?

Arvel Bird at NTIF

Lost in the Moment

“Like everything metaphysical the harmony between thought and reality is to be found in the grammar of the language.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein – early 20th Century Philosopher, Mathemetician 

There are many ways to communicate, a kind look, a caring touch, vibrational energy, music. . . . that’s where I come in.

In my world of music, harmony exists when I get my violin out to play.  There is no difference between thought and reality. When I’m composing, channeling music, improvising with others, there’s a direct connection between the source of the Universe through the soul that sent me and the sound that comes out of my violin.  There is nothing so empowering as this beautiful harmony between thought and reality. 

I guess you could say grammar is the combination of notes I play and the language is music.  But in this state of creation, I lose track of time, I am not aware of any thoughts, I am full of emotion and all sense of physical awareness completely disappears.  In this way, I can honestly say, “I’ve lost my mind”.  LOL

The harmony between thought and reality is what I was thinking about this morning.  That doesn’t mean we have to be happy about “what is”, but if we make peace with where we are IN THE MOMENT, we are no longer arguing with reality and we eliminate anger and frustration. 

And here is the most valuable part of that.  If your mind is in a state of Peace, you have access to better thoughts, better judgments, better decisions about what you DO want to change, FROM A PLACE OF POWER.  Many times, we’re in such a state of irritation, agitation or even depression that we aren’t making decisions based on our highest ability to make change.  We will look for short term fixes not long term solutions that will bring us a lasting change.

Next time you are faced with a difficult situation that you don’t like, make peace with it.  How?  Say to yourself.  “It’s my choice that I’m OK with that right now.”  Then when you’re alone and  you’re not feeling any emotional charge to the situation (or person), make long term choices that will create that “harmony between thought and reality”. 

Need help doing that?  Call me, (615) 218-8596 — I’m Arvel Bird, Co-founder and Spiritual Leader, Center of Universal Light

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